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Where to get LINE character goods in Japan

hehe I’m a super fan of messenger app LINE, and I like it better than Kakao. Mostly for the stickers. 😀 I use the app quite often with my close friends and I guess over time it has somewhat a special meaning to me.

In any case, all the characters are SO CUTE. Even James hahaha. One of my goals in Japan was to find the LINE character goods but believe me, it’s easy but yet hard to find them.

1. Claw Machines

The most common place you can see them is in …. CLAW MACHINES in arcades. Which is wtf since it’s next to impossible (for people like me at least) to get them. I think I can try it like 50 times and yet not get any. Given that each try is 100 yen….. D:


SEE. IT’S LIKE RIGHT IN MY FACE AND TAUNTING ME. -.- It’s super annoying, because claw machines have the most variety of LINE goods and they are like … everywhere. SEEE. THEY ARE SO CUTE. I don’t see these in shops D: D: Unlike you are some 抓娃娃機神父, you can forget about getting them. D:


Here’s another claw machine. hehe I make it a point to go into every arcade I see and look at their claw machines wtf.


2. Vending Machines (?)

Okay I don’t know what’s the proper term for these, but they are EVERYWHERE. But it’s actually quite rare to see the LINE character machines.. I think I’ve only seen it like in 3 places across Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto and believe me, I keep a lookout at every single vending machine I come across. Obsessed much.

This one is pretty cute but I didn’t try it.


hehe I like this one a lot better!! 😀 Saw this outside a shop in Aeon Mall in Kyoto! 😀 There are like 2 machines there if I’m not wrong. These machines eat up my money wtf. Was aiming to get either Brown or Cony but…. The plus one and I were still joking about how we don’t want James but guess what….


HAHAHHAHA. I GOT JAMES. But I actually kinda like it cos that’s like my favorite expression too lolol. The Moony belongs to my friend. She doesn’t like it but I think it’s cute ㅎㅎㅎㅎ


I forgot the name of that shop… but it has quite a number of vending machines outside. That shop really sells A LOT of stuff -.- hehe was super super excited to find more LINE character goods inside – some of which we saw at claw machines. There’s keychains, small notepads, Brown and Cony plain plushies, pouches etc.

3. LoFT malls

I was so obsessed with getting them that I actually googled in Japanese where to buy such goods in the Kansai region wtf. Dedication max. hahaha. One of the answers I got was in LoFT malls, and I actually dragged the bff to the one in Kobe hahahaha. It’s near Takashimaya in the Karawachi area. On a side note, I love LoFT malls!! Especially the LoFT market area / stationery area. They really have a lot of nice stuff there! So if you are into stationery and character goods, go to LoFT.

hehe. I assume that LINE goods will be more readily available in Tokyo, but if you are looking for them in the Kansai area, you now know where to go!! 😀

Kinda funny that I was really obsessed when it comes to finding them, but I ended up not buying any -.- Probably cos it was rather expensive D:

Who is your favorite LINE character? 😀 

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    5 July, 2013 at 1:42 PM

    Hahaha omg SAME. I was super obsessed with collecting them when I was in HK last week, I actually went around to different shops which I found via Facebook which sell them. I got some for cheaper, and some for more ex but I can’t complain. And I saw those machines you mentioned in HK too (they are called gashapon machines by the way!).

    But then again sites like Strapya World carry some LINE merchandise too. And Level 4/toy section of Takashimya in Singapore has a corner which sells a decent range – plushies, cushions, keychains, iPhone cases, pass cases etc. And the prices are quite competitive so yep. 🙂 Just a tip for anyone searching for these too.

    • Reply
      9 July, 2013 at 2:29 PM

      Shall check it out next time! hehehe I’m not usually a fan of character goods / merchandise but I love these!!

      Gashapon! ahh learnt something new! I was trying to google for the right term but never got it D: Thanks!

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    6 July, 2013 at 8:02 AM

    I wantd to read more about topic about poorly written korean in korean but I don’t know what to google to get any relevant hits? any suggestions?

    • Reply
      9 July, 2013 at 2:30 PM

      Poorly written Korean by Koreans? or foreigners? Don’t think I’ve come across anything like that, will keep a lookout!

      • Reply
        10 July, 2013 at 7:45 AM

        im asking cause i saw this comment on this blog::

        I agree with gbevers that it seems young children are doing more with hanja than college age students, and that the hanja proficency test may have a lot to do with it.

        I strongly disagree with Antti if he means to imply that the potential confusion that can come with having several hanja-based words that are the same pronunciation has much if anything to do with the problem described in the OECD article.

        To begin with, there is no reason to believe that native speakers of Korean are having a harder time gaining information from the things they read in their daily lives (and I’m talking about the OECD study) than they used to when hanja was common in South Korea.

        IMHO the problem is a fundamental inability to write in a reader-oriented fashion and to think of how to write a good sentence. The state of the Korean sentence today is very poor, and every time I bring up the subject (one of my favorite) with other specialists in Korean language (at NAKL & elsewhere) they tend to agree.

        Spend any day reading a newspaper or walking around a major city and you will find examples of things that could have or should have been written better.

        If your native language is anything other than Korean, ask yourself how many times you have opened a newspaper in your language and read something that just didn’t make any sense gramatically? This is something that happens in Korea very, very often.

        Take, for example, a recent column in the Hankyoreh by former Uni minister Lee Jong-seok.


        Try to make sense of the second sentence in the following quote:

        한국 정부는 이번 6자 회담이 일정한 진전을 본다면 지체없이 남북관계를 전면적으로 복원할 필요가 있다고 본다. 북핵 실험이라는 극한적 국면에서는 상황 반전을 위해 남북관계의 운용에도 제약이 따르지만 그것은 어디까지나 잠정적이며 예외적이다. 기본적으로 핵문제와 남북관계의 진전이 서로 긍정적인 영향을 주는 선순환구조가 이루어질 때 한반도 정세가 안정되며, 우리의 외교역량도 비약적으로 제고된다.

        That’s just poor writing, any way you look at it. Don’t feel bad about not being able to figure it out, either, because you’re not alone. See here:


        There you have it, Korean netizens trying to make sense of this sentence: “북핵 실험이라는 극한적 국면에서는 상황 반전을 위해 남북관계의 운용에도 제약이 따르지만 그것은 어디까지나 잠정적이며 예외적이다.” It just can’t be done. You get a certain “feeling” about what he may have meant to say, but you can’t say for sure. The only reason netizens are talking about it is because it was by Lee Jong-seok, so if it had been a sentence in a letter from your local gucheong or such, it probably wouldn’t have been in public discussion.

        I run into sentences like this several times a week. Remember that newspapers are proofread more than most other material and contemplate what that must mean for written Korean in other contexts (on the other hand personal correspondence, however poorly written, does not have the same problem because the two parties corresponding know a lot about each other and what is being discussed).

        This is all just poor writing, period. There are many reasons for the general lack of ability to write a good sentence but I won’t discuss those here. At any rate, my point is that the inability of the Korean public to understand much of what it reads in the course of everyday life is a problem with sentence composition and the lack of an ability to write text that is not highly context dependent. It has nothing to do with hanja or hanja education. You could find very brief examples where using hanja could have helped with a single word, but there just isn’t any evidence that suggests the problem with written communication in Korean is because hanja isn’t used or because people don’t know enough hanja.

        North Korea does not teach hanja and does not use it, yet writing from North Korea is usually much better than what we see in the South. I have found this to be the case and many NK watchers agree as well, as does, for that matter, any SKorean I know who has read material from the North.

        For the record, I support hanja education and am pleased my 6 year old likes to learn it. But the argument by many proponents of better hanja education that the lack of the use and knowledge of hanja contributes to the lack of clarity in (South) Korean writing makes me wonder how well those proponents write themselves.
        the site : http://www.rjkoehler.com/2007/03/15/han-jan-or-hanja/

        i also ran into this. it seems interesting. ill have to read and see what the person says


      • Reply
        10 July, 2013 at 7:55 AM

        there was also another comment on that how people in korea don’t really read that much because of the amount of money they spend on reading . i’ve also read something in japanese about japanese books being popular in korea but the situation in japan is definitely not reciprocating. i’m just curious on reading up on that issue from these specific examples to the broader picture in korean more than japanese just because i’d rather hera it from the horse’s mouth than read it in japanese since japnaese people tend hate on koreans so it might be exaggerated or something so…

  • Reply
    6 July, 2013 at 10:24 AM

    I am just starting to use LINE actually. I get that the characters are really addciting but I still can’t get around using them. I am still at the smiley/emoji phase. ;P

    • Reply
      9 July, 2013 at 2:30 PM

      hehe once you get the hang of you, you’ll never use the emoji section of the app LOL. I can have conversations just by using the stickers and no words LOLOL

  • Reply
    6 July, 2013 at 2:49 PM

    Best of luck for the JLPT test tomorrow!! がんばってね!(n‘∀‘)η

    • Reply
      9 July, 2013 at 2:31 PM

      Thanks!! 😀

  • Reply
    15 February, 2014 at 6:48 AM

    Where can i fiind a store in korea?

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