14 In Seoul Life 2012

What I dread about takeouts / delivery in Korea

While many in Seoul probably have weekend plans, I have nothing much in mind. I can’t believe I’m having a breakout in Korea D: Must be the high stress and the Singapore-like humidity these days.

This post is going to be full of rubbish. You can stop reading right now.

Don’t feel like going outside. The weather forecast says its likely rain today but it has been saying that for days and the rain just keeps getting pushed back. O.o so apparently the ‘thunderstorm’ will be on Sunday, instead of Friday as originally promised. Alrights.. Can you hold it off for a couple of weeks more?

If it doesn’t rain, I might drag myself out to Kyobo just to relax a bit and read nonsense. I have been eating rubbish for the past few meals D: For once, I appreciate how easy it is to get takeaway food in Singapore. Food courts, hawker centers, high end restaurants – you can order takeaway from almost every place.

In Korea, I feel weird going into a restaurant and ordering takeaway. Especially all those hot stews etc. -.- The only place I can safely order from is 분식집 or like those Japanese places or dosiraks. I used to be very very happy about how they pack everything really nicely when you order takeaway. The main meal, sides of kimchi, radish, soup, salad, sauce – everything packed nicely in either containers or wrapped nicely (and too many layers) with clear plastic.

In contrast to Singapore, where we usually just get something very simple. Like a plastic container. You get what I mean. On the rare occasion, you get soup. But if you order chicken rice or something, it can just be a small packet.


Nowadays I dread ordering delivery / takeout because I have to think of the rubbish I end up with. All the containers, wasted food (I don’t eat a lot of the side dishes) etc. I’m not sure how it’s like in your country, but in Singapore no one really bothers to separate their rubbish. But in Korea, it’s damn strict. Recyclables goes to one area, food remnants go to another area and other rubbish must be packed in special bags and left at another area. D: D: And the recyclable area is on a different floor from the other two where I’m staying now. -.-

[oh i cheated. The post was actually titled ‘weekends in Korea’ but now that a specific topic seems to have surfaced, I renamed it]

I am horrible at recycling. And I get really stressed over it. At first I have problems differentiating 비닐 and plastic. -.- And then I can’t figure out if cup noodle containers / fastfood drink containers belong to paper or not. And do I really have to put the burger wrapper as paper, or throw it as ‘other rubbish’. #strangeworries

And it doesn’t help that the place has HD cameras at all three rubbish areas to catch illegal dumpers or wrongdoing!!!!!!! I feel super stressed.

Last year when I stayed in a gositel, the recycling / rubbish area were outside the door on a lower stair landing. I ALWAYS HAPPEN TO DO MY RUBBISH WHEN THE AJUSSHI IS ALSO OUT AND ABOUT. WAHHHHH. I feel super stressed. When sometimes he will peer over and then reallocate my rubbish -.- Or at times, he will offer to do it for me. Sometimes he goes tsk tsk tsk when he sees other people’s rubbish separated incorrectly. And I will be like ‘안녕하세요~!’, *hides rubbish behind me*, and walk back to my room.

I miss Singapore’s takeout food!!!!! I have cravings for Shilin’s bento box. And my school’s cai fan stall. That’s really saying something. Seeing how I eat it like almost everyday that I’m in school. -.-

I’m really hungry now. And I have nothing to eat. Maybe a choco pie? D: D: And the dreaded question.


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  • Reply
    14 July, 2012 at 9:02 AM

    I wish I’m in Seoul right now so we can have lunch together… I’m kinda sick of 삼각김밥 and 김밥! I want to eat real food but the servings are just too plenty for me (I only eat once a day here) and expensive (though it’s definitely cheaper here than Seoul!). If I go out with classmates though, their food/restaurant choices are kinda not my type (like they go to Mexican or Chinese or Japanese restos or order chicken and pizza over and over and I think I’m the only one who craves for all the stews and 순대 ㅠㅠ I have no one to share my love for Korean food here ㅠㅠ). I ate tonkatsu with my classmates last night and finish it off with a waffle on the street and I wake up now still with a full stomach. I want to eat! There are so many things I want to eat!! But I’m still full! ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    See you soon!!

    • Reply
      14 July, 2012 at 11:52 AM

      me too!!! Doubt I can travel to Gwangju anytime soon. D: Yeah things are expensive in Seoul. hahaha I get hungry really easily. When I first came to Korea, I found the servings large (for more places). But nowadays I think I’m getting more used to it and as a result get hungry really easily OTL

  • Reply
    14 July, 2012 at 11:21 AM

    Hahaha i can totally sense your frustration! I feel you, i had a very hard time eating alone in Korea too, all the restaurants are so intimidating >.< i kinda ended up eating pretzels or sandwiches from cafes or buying takeaways from supermarkets

    • Reply
      14 July, 2012 at 4:53 PM

      hahahahahaha!! yeah but sandwiches are expensive too D:

  • Reply
    14 July, 2012 at 12:33 PM

    how about some 삼겹살 at 혜화? ㅋ

  • Reply
    14 July, 2012 at 4:17 PM

    Have you tried the Hansot doshiraks? Everything is segmented but in one container. Very convenient and yummy! (:

    But I understand what you mean, I used to get so stressed up over rubbish separation too. Thankfully my Goshiwon only had two bins, one for recyclables, another for non-recyclables. Then they separated for us. But at Macs or KFC I’d always pause at the disposal area for the longest time. T.T

    • Reply
      14 July, 2012 at 4:52 PM

      haven’t try that yet. shall look out for it 😀 there isnt any dosirak place near where im staying D: I am a fan of tomato dosirak xD

      Yeah the other day I was at MOS burger and I stared at the disposal area for so long the lady offered to do it for me OTL

  • Reply
    14 July, 2012 at 10:04 PM

    I kinda understand how you feel. I’m in Canada, but depending on what town your in, depends on how you do your garbage. In my home town, Recycling, and food/compostables had there bins, and then, other garbage. I really like Recycling, it makes me feel good. But where I am now, there’s only recycling and garbage.. So it’s easier, but I feel like I’m wasting so much…
    So, I do feel bad for how strict your garbage is. But on the bright side, it dose help the cramped little environment of the city’s?
    <3 <3

    • Reply
      14 July, 2012 at 10:14 PM

      Hehe yeah im getting the hang of it these days. But i just wished that takeaway will be made easier without all the extra containers >< sometimes i do ask for no kimchi/pickles/soup and i get a weird stare in return hahaha

  • Reply
    Lucie Dvorakova
    14 July, 2012 at 11:25 PM

    mmm… you’ve just made me hungry for food in Singapore. I wonder if all the food places I used to know in Singapore back from 10 years ago are still the same. 😀

    • Reply
      15 July, 2012 at 6:45 AM

      Hehe singapore has changed a lot ); same as korea.

  • Reply
    Xing Wei
    15 July, 2012 at 12:25 AM

    Chicken rice paradise. Nasi goreng very nice!

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