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[Vlog] Self-study Thai with Easy Thai

My first attempt at a #mood study vlog, which honestly is not very informative hahaha. But thought I should try a different vlog format that doesn’t involve me talking (awkwardly) at the camera.

A couple of Korean textbooks I bought off G-market has been stuck in Incheon airport for the past month and honestly I’ve given up tracking them. Will be a pleasant surprise when they (finally) arrive. Using Tuttle’s Easy Thai textbook in the meantime and I’m loving it so far.

This is not a formal review (still at Chapter 3) but I do like how they have a lot of audio clips so it’s easier for the beginner to listen (repeatedly) and get used to the sounds of the language. I must admit that I am relying on the romanisation – more for the tone marks than anything else. The tone rules in Thai is still rather mind-boggling (more like I don’t remember…) at this point.

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