2 In Korean learning journey (:

Translation madness

Doing some business-related Korean-English translations right now 😀 Just for fun and to help out~

I think translating business proposals etc are my most favorite type of translations! Not that interested in translating news articles.

Maybe one day~~~~~ I’ll be able to translate a novel or something and get paid for it? 😛

I’ll totally want to translate the 전우치 novels. But hopefully not butcher it in the process haha.

Too bad I’m not qualified yet.

Translators are really awesome people. I get tired easily doing translations, too much brain power involved. Can’t imagine how people do that as a full time job. I might go crazy. But still, can be fun!

Maybe I’m just too hungry to process anything right now~ So taking a break to type this.

Plans for today:

  • finish chapter 2 for Ewha Korean 6
  • Do a few pages of Korean history
  • Finish the translation
  • Read 전우치
  • Blog in Chinese 
  • Blog in English
  • Work on the e-book

Plans for the near future:

  • get a paying job
  • #ifeelunemployable

I can do this.

I’ll come back and hopefully cross out stuff on the checklist tonight! 😀

What are your plans today~?

Update: 9pm now and I’m a fail. Only 2 things crossed out. D: Never mind, there’s always tomorrow!


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  • Reply
    12 December, 2012 at 9:55 PM

    Translations!!!! I used to want to become one because I think they are really cool (I still think they are)! But it’s indeed a very draining job! Whenever I do even a short translation I always end up hungry and tired. But maybe someday I’ll get to do translation without being so tired. 🙂

    Those are so many!!! (as if my list for tonight is not plenty! haha)

    My plans today… until tomorrow… and probably extending until weekend (o.o):
    1. Thesis topic!!!
    2. Finish my paper on Korean Negatives!!!
    3. Read a few chapters of 와라! 편의점 ^^
    4. Reply to emails
    5. Blog (about TOPIK and other stuff)
    6. Blog in Korean
    7. Blog in Japanese (maybe this weekend)
    8. Study Japanese
    9. Review for TOPIK
    10. Watch an episode of Winter Sonata (dubbed in Japanese, subbed in English) 🙂
    11. Get scripts of the Japanese dramas I’m watching
    12. Plot my schedule for Christmas break

    I know! I’m so dead! XD

    • Reply
      13 December, 2012 at 1:26 AM

      wow that’s a long list!!! Hope you finalize your thesis topic soon!! I know how stressful that feels!

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