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This stop is Wangshimni, Wangshimni

Hey, if the title reminds of you of something, chances are we are thinking of the same thing, or rather. The same drama.

Going to be true to my blog url (for once) and talk about Korean dramas, specifically Hospital Playlist (슬기로운 의사생활). Well-told stories about friendships and growing up always get me in the gut every time and damn, I love everything about the five friends in the story.

There’s a tiny bit of spoilers, so read on if you don’t mind.

Favourite Character

I’m a huge fan of Jung Kyung-ho since I saw him in JTBC drama Heartless City (무정도시) and using Gyeol-wool’s words, it’s love at first sight HAHA. Jung’s character in HP is also the most swoon-worthy (hehe imo) and probably very close to my 이상형 too. Sharp with his words, stoic, smart, morally upright and aw only showing his crazy side to close friends. I really like his attitude towards love and relationships too, out of the 4 guys.

Credit: Instiz.net

Favourite Scenes

I loved the eating scenes in the drama, from Joon Wan and and Song Hwa’s stuffing themselves with food at top speed to the amazement (and horror) of the rest, the boys stealing food from each other, to passing each other condiments and food so naturally even when bickering, and pouring each other water when realising a cup is empty. ♡

A particular favourite dining scene is in episode 10 where Ik Joon and Song Hwa sit down at the hospital cafeteria.

익준: 주문.
송화: 이거 다 내 거다. 누가 안 빼서 먹는다.
익준: 원 센턴스 (one sentence) 더.
송화: 난… 지성인이다.
익준: 먹자.
Ep 10, 38:26

Ik Joon: The incantation.
Song Hwa: This is all mine. Nobody will snatch it from me.
Ik Joon: You’re missing one sentence.
Song Hwa: I am… an intellectual.
Ik Joon: Let’s eat.

주문: 呪文 spell / incantation – not to be confused with the more commonly used 주문 (注文) which means “order (food)”.

지성인: 知性人 intellectual

Damn funny I cannot. It’s so Ik Joon, to show care and concern (for Song Hwa to eat more slowly) but in such a jokester way.

But the following scene really takes the cake.


익준: 야 아침부터 이 노래 뭐야?
석형: 몰라? 유명한 건데
익준: 알아.
석형: 뭔데?
익준: 이번 역은 왕십리, 왕십리 역입니다. 내릴 실 문은 오른쪽입니다. 시청, 신천, 성수, 잠실 방면이나, 옥수, 용산, 청량리, 성북 방면으로 가실 분들은 이번 역에서 갈아타시길 바랍니다.
익준: This stop is Wangshimni, Wangshimni. The doors are on your right. You can transfer to the Line Number 2.
석형: 미친 놈

Ik Joon: What’s this music in the morning?
Suk Hyung: You don’t know? It’s famous.
Ik Joon: (look of enlightenment) I know this.
Suk Hyung: (skeptical look) What?
Ik Joon: (proceeds to recite the subway announcement)
Suk Hyung: Crazy idiot.

BAHAHA. I burst out laughing at this and the next moment I found myself missing Korea so so so much it’s like an aching feeling inside me. I once wrote in a speech for a Korean speech contest on the sounds of Korea that I miss most, and one of which is actually the subway announcement. Bahaha I recited the subway announcement for Hongik University Station (홍대입구역) in my speech LOL.

I just went to google and there’s actually a video on the subway announcement (자하철 안내 방송) for Hongik University Station LOOOL. 진짜 별것 다 있네…

ahhh I really miss Korea.

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