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The Elusive Eclipse


I am beginning to think that there is no affinity between the series and me. Eclipse seemed particularly elusive. Today I took a 45 min train ride to get New Moon which I reserved yesterday. Breaking Dawn was there too, so I decided to rent both (although I’m contemplating buying and keeping them). So.. yesterday evening I was at Popular, and there were at least 15 copies of Eclipse on the shelves. At that point of time, I haven’t found New Moon yet.

‘okay, there’s no point of getting the 3rd book when I can’t even find the 2nd one. and I dunno if I am buying or just renting the rest yet’ That was what I thought to myself. And so, when I went back there today, all were SOLD OUT. Okay, there were like 3 pathetic copies of Breaking Dawn there that wasnt there yesterday. (and a few girls were thinking of buying them)

I’ll rather see Eclipse all sold out. But just at the point of time when i was going to resign to my fate, I saw a copy of Eclipse in this man’s hands. OMG he got that last copy off the shelf! I think it’s twice as bad to know that you have just missed the last copy of a book by like what.. a few mins?? I’ll rather think it’s sold out since morning or sth.

sighh. He was on the phone and apparently contemplating whether he wanted the book. So I hovered around. ‘please please please put down that book back on the shelf!!’ That was my only thought then.

But sigh, he went to the counter and paid for it ):’

The end of my story.


well, at least I have New Moon with me right now. 1/3 through it already and I must say that I totally enjoyed the book. Reading the wikipedia entry made me half hearted about this book. It described the book to make it seem that Bella was just wailing and doing stupid things after Edward left. But still, I enjoyed the book so far. I guess it’s better to read reviews after you finish the books to prevent them from colouring your viewpoint.

sighh. I shall go and check out the bookstore E V E R Y D A Y from now on to prevent another near miss with Eclipse. Pleease stop eluding me!

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