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Thai Study Update April 2021

It’s about a year since I first started learning Thai on my own in April 2020. It doesn’t feel like a year, because for the greater part of last year, I kinda left the language aside. I’m more actively studying Thai this year and so even after one year, I still feel like a complete beginner.

It’s a shame that I’m not recording down my Thai learning journey as much as I did for Korean, because I do enjoy reading my own blog at times. It gives me motivation to see how much I like the languages and it helps me get over slumps and bottlenecks. It’s also a precious memory.

It’s getting hard to balance all 3 foreign languages and my native tongues (English, Mandarin). I am reading books from all 5 languages (yes even Thai although I’m at the second para LOL), and I end up not completing any. I wonder how polyglots do that. For me, I work in phases and I like to concentrate on one language at a time. For the past week or so, it has been Thai.

One reason is that I’m watching the Thai drama Let’s Fight Ghost (คู่ไฟท์ไฝว้ผี), which is a remake of the Korean drama starring Ok Taec-yeon and Kim So-hyun. I remember enjoying the Korean drama but it feels like watching a brand new drama since I can’t quite remember details from the Korean one. This is the second Thai remake of Korean dramas (the first was Oh My Ghost) and I’m really loving it. While the plot for the two remakes I watched generally follows the Korean one, I feel that they are not complete scene-for-scene remakes and they feel very natural as a Thai drama too. Incidentally, they are both ghost-related and hence one of the first few words I learn are ผี and ตาย, which mean ghost and die. In language learning, you are really what you learn (for vocabulary) hahaha.

It feels great that Thai is no longer an incomprehensible language to me. I recognise words every now and then and even for words that I don’t know, I can catch the pronunciation. I realised that Thai is a really melodious and beautiful language and I feel so grateful that I am able to learn this beautiful language.

Thai is also the first language that I’m (so far) completely self-studying. I don’t know where that will take me, but I’m enjoying the journey. I always like to liken language learning to enjoying a river ride and I’m letting the flow guide me along. Not rushing, cos I’m enjoying the scenery on both sides. It’s okay to be still for a while and take a break too.

It’s also funny that I’m mainly using Japanese textbooks to learn Thai and I’ve discovered two that I really like. For me, a good textbook makes a lot of difference and it can really propel me to learn more.

I’m always on the lookout for more good Thai dramas and movies (except for horror). Even liking the language can’t make me enjoy horror shows…

p.s. Peppered the post with my Thai language notebook even though there’s no link LOL.

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    15 May, 2021 at 2:35 PM

    Hi Shanna! Thanks for posting a language update. I enjoy those. I know you posted it a little while ago and I read it then, but only got around to commenting now. oops. Anyway, I love learning about your process and progress, and you always have such nice notes and photos! It’s cool you’re already looking at a Thai book. I admire your perseverance and patience. I agree that it’s important and helpful to go at your own pace. No pressure. Enjoyment. I ​hope you continue to share your journey with us. Have a nice weekend 🙂

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      22 May, 2021 at 12:12 PM

      Hi Anna! Thanks for reading 🙂 I like to keep language learning as a hobby, so definitely don’t want to stress myself out 🙂

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