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Thai Drama Recommendation: Ugly Duckling Series – Don’t

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The first post is supposed to be how I started learning Thai (yes you read that right) but allow me to gush over my newfound love for Thai dramas! Was googling for Thai romance dramas to watch and I was pleasantly surprised with my find: Don’t season/arc of the Ugly Duckling Series.

The no-spoiler review: While it started off with rather cheesy characters and slightly over the top acting, the drama has got heart. And it got my heart. I’m a sucker for good high school romance and those growing-up stories so this hits all the right notes for me by the end of the 7 episodes. A short ride, but a good one. It also got me reaaaaaally into the Thai language and I can’t wait to learn more.

It’s been a long while since I gushed over a drama so much and it kinda reminds me of those days back in 2008-2011 where I fangirled over Korean dramas and got very motivated to study too hahaha. Random but I am somewhat reminded of how I gushed over 무정도시 (Heartless City) hahaha. That drama had my heart and soul though lol!

Media is really sooo important as a motivating factor to learn languages. At least for me. I’m so glad to have watched this and I really feel very motivated to study Thai! Hopefully one day, I may return to this drama and find myself understanding the original dialogues 🙂

I’ve also fallen in love with Thai songs!! They are sooo nice.

Please send recommendations my way!

Some (major) spoilers below:

Ahhh ZERO IS SO CUTE OMGGGG. I thought this was going to be a drama where I’ll suffer from the second-lead syndrome, but woahh that moment when you realises HE’S THE LEAD IN THIS. 🎉🎉I’ve rooted for him ever since he’s the one who forced her out of that box, but at first I was wondering whether it’s just me and my love for (on screen) bad boys in general lolol. I probably don’t react the same way in real life but I do admit I like my bad boys in fiction and drama LOL.

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    20 April, 2020 at 4:29 PM

    Yay!!! I also just started my Thai learning Journey cause of Thai drama “Love Destiny”. Awaiting your recommendation on good sources of Thai learning!

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      20 April, 2020 at 6:32 PM

      OMG that was the drama that got me into Thai too!!!

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