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Studying Korean with unfamiliar content

My brain is turning into mush these days. Embarking on the new challenge of improving my Korean (vocabulary, reading skills etc) by reading up unfamiliar content. Double the challenge, double the fun.

Reading up a specific field has the advantage of improving quite a number of skills at once:

  • general reading skills / speed etc
  • general vocabulary
  • specific jargon

It’s not that bad if you are reading on something you are familiar with: say a person with a business background reading up on Korean business news. And it’s not that bad if the field is something that most people have some kind of knowledge of. For example: business, environment etc

But it’s crazy if you are reading up on engineering in Korean when you have absolutely no background in that field. It’s double the brain work. Learning about the content knowledge and grappling with the unfamiliar language.

I’m doing something like that nowadays, although nope I’m not reading about engineering O.o It’s really super fun, although brain taxing.

Picking up quite a fair bit of the jargon, although more in terms of comprehension than production.


On a side note, selfstudykorean.com looks like it’s going on smoothly. Hopefully all the bloggers will take an active role, and we’ll have loads of fun managing the site. Still cracking my head over administrative issues like deciding extent of user roles, wondering if there should be a separation of bloggers / contributors etc etc. xD Ultimately it’s still a community – will try to allow everyone free rein in the site when things are more stablized.

School work? Oh I forgot I’m still a student. -.-

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    3 March, 2012 at 4:37 PM

    Because I’m still on the early stage of intermediate level, I can’t get out of my comfort zones yet. There’s still too much to learn within the fields I know/I’m interested with so not until I’m comfortable with familiar stuff I won’t move on. Haha!
    What I love about being a fangirl though, is that as I follow Kim Sun Ah’s dramas, I get to be introduced to basic terminologies/jargons of different fields. Kim Sam Soon introduced me to stuff about baking, cooking and hotel & restaurant businesses, When It’s At Night to Korean cultural heritage, City Hall to politics & Scent Of A Woman to hospitals, illnesses and treatments. 🙂

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