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[Special Series – Korean learners] Looking for guest bloggers

Hi everyone! ^^

Thanks to everyone in Singapore who have responded so well to a casual meetup among us Korean learners! There are currently 21 confirmed people as well as quite a number of ‘maybes’. I’m really happy but a little worried since this is the first time that I’m organizing such a huge meetup! >.< Looking forward to meeting everyone though! Im currently fretting over the venue. Any help will be appreciated LOL (around city hall).

I’ve come up with another idea for a special series featuring Korean learners / bloggers and I’m looking for people to contribute! ^^

Basically, it’s just a series where one/two learners will be featured each week. I hope to get people to share their learning journey, methods of learning Korean, motivations / reasons to learn Korean etc etc.

I would like for the series to become a place where Korean learners can find some motivation, inspiration, 공감 (the English word eludes me..), generate discussion etc or simply just reading about a fellow learner’s story!! So it would be nice to leave a comment if you read the guest posts!

Who can join:

  • Basically anyone who are learning Korean – total beginners to fluent speakers!

Do not worry about writing ‘useless / unhelpful / uninteresting’ stuff. There is no such thing as an uninteresting post. Seriously, I appreciate all posts and I’m sure everyone does too!

Things you can write about:

  • Outline of your Korean learning journey
  • your motivations / reasons (try not to turn it into a total fangirl post ㅎㅎ)
  • Methods you use to study Korean / tips?
  • Problems / obstacles faced!
  • Books you are using / recommend
  • Experiences in practicing the language / trips to Korea
  • ETC

The above list is just a suggestion, but free rein is given to all guest bloggers! Audio and video clips of you talking in Korean will be a major major plus, but optional! Don’t be shy about it! We are all in different stages of learning but we pass by the same stages too! ^^

My policy is basically not to edit (maybe just spelling errors or creating headings?) but if you would like me to, you can tell me ^^

When to submit / format:

This is an ongoing series that will have no end (unless otherwise stated in an update to this post). This means that if you see this post 3 years later and is interested to contribute, feel free to email me!

  1. All submissions should be made with the email title Special Series – Korean learners to seoulareyou@gmail.com
  2. I will get back to you on when your post will be published (depending on number of submissions etc) and send you the link to the post!
  3. You are free to include links to your social media sites accounts (twitter. facebook. youtube. tumblr etc etc)
  4.  If you didn’t introduce yourself in the post, it would be nice to include a short note on who you are too or any background information you want to include!
  5. Photos are very welcomed but please have it hosted elsewhere and provide me with the link to the image! (my free space is dwindling fast!)

I have already received 2 submissions so far (even before this formal announcement! xD) and they are awesome! I’ll be sharing them next week ^^



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  • Reply
    14 January, 2012 at 4:02 PM

    “your motivations / reasons (try not to turn it into a total fangirl post ㅎㅎ)” —-> 푸하핫!
    This is such a wonderful idea! Why do you always come up with creative and great ideas like this? I would like to join… hoping against all hopes that mine won’t end up as ranting, or worse… erhm… fangirling! ㅎㅎㅎㅎ
    But more than participating, I’m actually looking forward in reading the submissions. I always look forward whenever you update your blog. Now, because of this, it gets more exciting. 🙂

  • Reply
    15 January, 2012 at 1:52 AM

    This is a really good idea! I’ll be on the lookout to read about the experiences of the guest bloggers! It’s such a great timing for me since I now have the time to get in touch with Korean before my semester starts~

    Anyway, how have you been since your return from Seoul? Hope you are adapting well. Am looking forward to reading your posts soon!

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  • Reply
    31 January, 2012 at 10:46 AM

    Gonna participate in this once I find the time 🙂

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