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[Seoul 2014] More food and a movie

I’m running out of creative juices to name my posts. Also, I have to apologise that I decide not to blog about the 별에서온그대 exhibition but follow the chronological order instead.

I’m very very grateful to SH for a number of reasons – one of them being how he actually spent the time and effort to reserve movie tickets for me. Because I really really wanna watch 군도, aka the first comeback movie for Kang Dong Won 😀

I was really really hoping to get tix to one of those movie screening sessions where the main casts + director would come on stage either before or after the movie for a short greeting session. SH actually managed to reserve the last 2 seats of one of those sessions.

BUT. Life is always about the BUT (haha Giddens’s quote)

It was on the day of my return flight. :/ SH was very understanding about it and in the end he reserved good tixs for a screening on the premiere day!! /super grateful

Went to the CGV at 용산, which is also the place where I watched my first movie in Korea years ago.


Isn’t this cool! I love how they have the queue number machine to buy tickets 😀 Alternatively, you can use the do-it-yourself kiosks!


I was like !!!!!!! when I realised that there WAS actually the 무대인사 session on premiere day. Previously, we checked the site and it was all weekend sessions.

/no fate


In any case, I was very very happy to be able to watch the movie on premiere date 😀

Treated SH to lunch at TGIF! ^^


First time trying this place, only went to Outback the previous times!


warm, soft bread for starters 

Both of us agreed that the drinks were awesomeee!! SH had the white wine ade and I had the red wine one 😀 낮술 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

You can really taste the alcohol ^^


white wine and red wine ade

You can’t go to these places without ordering the ribs. And so we did.


Some carbs to balance out the meat.


Food was yummy! I simply felt very happy with good company + the fact that I was going to see kdw later (on screen)


SH looking happy while I looked like I wanna attack the food lol


THE MOVIE WAS AWESOME. >>> blogged about it here

It’s amazing how it’s a weekday afternoon and the theatre was FULL. o.O

I’ll happily watch KDW in anything – CF, movies, interviews etc etc

Till the next post!

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