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[Seoul 2014] Bingsu and friends

I don’t have a sweet tooth and I’m not a huge fan of desserts. I’m one of those without a “separate stomach” for desserts, but I think I do always have some space reserved for bingsu 빙수 in Korea! 😀

That being said, I’m rather particular about bingsus – I only like a certain kind. I hate it when cafes dump all kinds of rubbish stuff into the bingsu like cereal, marshmallow bits, coloured sprinkles and dunno what.

I only like 3 types of bingsus- strawberry, mango or the original kind with very few ingredients (red beans, ddeok).

I can list a few bingsus I like

– Cafe Benne’s strawberry bingsu (the ice cream on top is strawberry yoghurt flavour. super love)

– Tous Les Jours’s mango bingsu

– Slow Garden’s strawberry bingsu (this cafe/brunch place in 성북동 that I damn love)

– Paris Croissant’s original patbingsu

Met a group of friends in Korea for dinner and 2차 at a cafe! Friends + cafes = love!! It’s interesting because I only know one of them through language exchange and it was kinda random that we ended up meeting together! It was fun but I guess a little awkward – no alcohol = more time needed to bond and we didn’t really spend a lot of time together that evening lol.

Before meeting them, I was doing something else (another post) and had a late lunch alone in 광화문. Sandwich places are my best friends in Korea lol. Best place to eat alone and relax. Loved that place because of the floor-to-ceiling windows that offer a view of the plaza (where I can see King Sejong ♥).

The sandwich was so-so but whatever it doesn’t matter.


Went to Anguk to meet them for dinner and to be honest I don’t remember what we ate or how it tasted like. I know it’s like a small place somewhere in / near 삼청동 and the makguli there was DAMN GOOD. But too bad I was on a (self-imposed) alcohol ban that time so I had a little bit only haha. The whole group was younger than me – I DON’T KNOW HOW TO REACT lol.


Newfound friends!


I have to meet people more than 2 times to remember names….. x.x


another new friend

Apparently we ate this. I don’t even remember.


Relocated to 5CIJUNG, which is a franchise cafe with MAD NICE INTERIOR. If cute and quaint is your style. I’ve been to several outlets and erm they do hold some special memories for me hahaha. The first time I’ve been to one I was like OMG THIS PLACE IS AWESOME. In any case, I only like their Blueberry Vinegar Ade drink there. It’s a must-order, despite its dubious sounding name lol.


I’m terrible at taking photos.


Ordered two bingsus to share! Either they changed their bingsus and the standard got better or this outlet has nice bingsus or the one I had gone to had terrible ones. In any case, really loved both! The patbingsu is a good example of the type of simple bingsus I love.


Just that this one contained coffee……………. .. .Still good but I’ll prefer an even plainer one.


That being said, the hottest bingsu place in Korea now has to be 설빙 (Sulbing). The Korean friends whom I talk to unanimously say that 설빙 is the best bingsu and nicer than the normal ones.

I disagree.

I guess people with a sweet tooth will like Sulbing but because their shaved ice is flavoured too (with milk I think) compared to normal ice used in normal bingsu, it’s TOOOOOO SWEET FOR ME. Trying it once or twice is fine but I don’t think I’ll crave for it.

Had the blueberry yoghurt one and I needed to drink water to wash off that sweet sticky after-taste/feeling x.x

This 인절미 설빙 is slightly better but nah. Give me my 밭빙수 anytime.


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