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Saturday’s frivolous 수다

It’s getting harder to name my posts, as I’m skewing towards “diary-like” entries these days that span across several topics instead of a topic-focused post.

Haven’t been “studying” Korean for months(?) now hahaha. Somehow after TOPIK 6 I just don’t feel like sitting down with a book or something and textbooks are totally out of the question. But I have a constant stream of Korean content keeping my ears tuned, so I’m still constantly learning!

Korean input these days: EXO playlist, WINNER TV (unsubbed), You who came from the Stars (별에서 온 그대)

Will be adding a few more shows to the input list in the next few weeks ^^ I’m totally addicted to WINNER TV, much more than I ever was for Big Bang or 2NE1 TV. I didn’t watch either. 별에서 온 그대 is currently my favourite drama, mostly due to the awesome writing and 전지현 as Song-yi. It’s downright hilarious.

I dare you to watch this with a straight face. Impossible even if you don’t understand Korean lol.

Putting Japanese study in the backseat also. >< Trying to read a bit of Infection Game every weekend and that’s what I’m planning to do after writing this.

I *think* I’m getting better with Japanese listening and have been watching some stuff unsubbed (: I haven’t found a Japanese drama I liked for months~ already, but yesterday I caught the first episode of 僕のいた時間 (Boku no ita jikan) and gosh I’m totally hooked.

I like Sato Takeru more but I admit that Haruma Miura is the stronger actor out of the two (they are good friends in real life).

The drama hit all the right notes for me just in one episode – whether it’s the (budding) attraction or the whole chunk of job-seeking stuff and the different family relationships. Especially the dynamics of the two leads. I can’t pinpoint the reason, but it’s refreshing and different from all the drama cliches.

The plot brings to mind 1 litre of tears (but is also vastly different), but personally I think I’ll be more emotionally affected by this drama. ><;;

Time to bring out all the tissues.

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