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[Review] Korean language for Academics in Business Administration

경영 한국어 is a book I wished I had a few years ago, back when I just passed TOPIK Level 4 and was working towards a Level 5 pass. It would have been so helpful, being specialised in ‘academic’ Korean and also Business Korean.

I came by this book a few years too late, and now I find it easy to work through (which should be a good thing but ..). I enjoyed working through and learning from the book, but the enjoyment is mixed with a twinge of 아쉬움 that I didn’t get my hands on this book earlier when I really needed it.

In any case, I’ve already wrote my first impressions on the book here and I’ll be doing this review objectively, mainly from the point of view of a Level 4 – 5 learner, which I think this book is most suitable for!

As usual, scrollllll right down for the summary!



경영 한국어 is different from ‘regular’ textbooks and it’s specially tailored for foreigner students who are studying Business (or related courses) in universities in Korea.

What I really liked about the book is the first two chapters where they explain the university system in South Korea – going into details such as how the university system works, how classes in universities are usually conducted, how to take notes, how to to write reports, how to score an A+ (HA!) etc

particularly interesting part is a section on the ‘spoken’ speech style used in the classroom (by the professors). Words like 근까 (그러니까) and 그치만 (그렇지만) are introduced and I find that amazing. Most Korean textbooks will shun away from introducing such terms since it’s not ‘standard’ speech, but these are the words that professors do use daily (first hand experience) and recognising them can help a lot.

There is even a part on how to register for classes and it teaches you the vocabulary for 수강신청 such as 교양과목 vs 전공과목 and it even tells you how to read a module / course outline HAHAHA.

Damn helpful. Trust me, it’s super confusing and it’s awesome to know how to read a course outline LOL.

although this brings back shit memories

There are 14 other chapters, each chapter being devoted to a particular topic in Business Administration (henceforth BA). Topics include marketing, economics, HR etc. You get the idea.

Each chapter begins with an interesting ‘story’ about the topic, the kind you see in BA books. lol. I dunno how to explain but it’s that particular style of case study-ish, application kinda ‘story’ BA books favour.



Every chapter is neatly organised.

  • glossary of main vocabulary with definition
  • Some kind of chart / figure with questions or exercises
  • a 1.5-2 page long article relating to the topic. For example the economic theory chapter had a reading on demand and supply relationship
  • questions relating to the reading
  • listening exercise
  • more exercises…

To be honest, I don’t like the exercises, particularly those at the end of the chapter which are like “find a related article, summarize it and present it” or “research on this economic trends and discuss the results” etc.

Unless you are in a classroom, nobody does that. I don’t believe a self-learner will attempt these exercises, or maybe I’m just not conscientious enough. Funny that the book is designed this way. I was under the impression that such books are targeted at mainly self learners (are there classes that use such specialised books?!)..

In any case, what I really like about the book is how it has positioned itself as a bridging resource for intermediate learners interested in Business / academic Korean. It’s not crazy difficult but accessible to those who want something more challenging than what the usual textbook can offer.

The best section of the book is the glossary, the reading passage and the listening section.

The glossary introduces the basic terms needed in that particular topic and it’s explained in an accessible way for intermediate learners.

The passages are well chosen, and is meant as an introductory read to the topic and it helps the learner gain a basic understanding before venturing into more difficult stuff found in books / articles online. Difficult stuff are available everywhere, it’s the accessible-but-still-challenging stuff that are hard to find. By calibrating the difficulty of the passages, it helps learners make the jump to the advanced level.


I like how the listening passage is available at the back of the book, so you are forced to listen without seeing the passage and attempt the questions just by focusing on the audio.


A good bridging resource for intermediate learners looking to take the plunge into the advanced level and for those interested in business / academic Korean in general. Decent book for self studying and the content is well-paced. Good book to work through and will be great if the learner can complement it by reading beyond the book and finding more difficult related articles to each chapter (:

How to Use

Read beyond the book. For those who are not specialized in BA, news articles (경제 section) will be good. Try Yonhap News or 매일 경제. If you are a major, read deeper into the theory. Type in 경제 원론 or something and I’m sure you can find something.

Things I like:

  • well-paced and ease the learner into advanced Korean
  • additional notes in the first two chapters a gem!
  • well-organized chapters
  • useful topics and passages chosen are interesting

What can be improved:

  • less exercises
  • making back chapters more challenging
  • have more passages (one easy and one more challenging would have been perfect!)
  • longer listening exercises

All in all, a good book to purchase for intermediate learners! ^^ If you are interested in the book you can head to twoChois.com to purchase it. >>>>>> 경영 한국어 

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    유용한 책인 것 같아요.

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    20 November, 2013 at 6:57 PM

    This book sounds like it would be really helpful to me. I’m studying Marketing at univ and hope to work in Korea later in life so this book looks perfect for me. Thank you for the review! ^^

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      22 November, 2013 at 2:11 PM

      sounds like it’ll be great for you! (:

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    21 November, 2013 at 11:59 AM

    Thanks a lot for reviewing this! 😀 I’ll definitely keep this book in mind for when I reach the appropriate level of Korean to enjoy it; it really sounds interesting and helpful.

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      22 November, 2013 at 2:10 PM

      yeah it’s a good book!

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      ㅎㅎ 근데 orbiter님한테 좀 쉬운거 아니에요? ㅋㅋ

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        배달비 어마어마하네. ㅠㅠ

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    22 November, 2013 at 4:07 PM

    Seems like a great book!
    I’m just wondering if this book will be good for seeking jobs? Or do you have other recommendations?
    (By seeking jobs, I mean work where knowledge of Korean may be useful, but not working in Korea)


    • Reply
      23 November, 2013 at 10:32 AM

      Mmm I think this book is great if you want to be more specialised (: General textbooks are geared at more conversational stuff. But there is no one book that will be good for what you are looking for. ^^

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