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[Review] 살아있는 한국어: 관용어 Idioms

This is one of the books in the 살아있는 한국어 series which focuses on proverbs, idioms and four-character idioms. I’ve reviewed the Proverbs book and the idioms book is just as good.

The idioms book is structured in a slightly different way from the proverbs one. Each unit consists of:

  • idiom + a picture / comic illustration
  • dialogue illustrating the use of the idiom
  • example sentences
  • practice questions (fill in the blanks) (every 2 units)
  • further questions (activities-type of questions)

Although the practice questions (fill in the blanks) are found every two units, it’s great that they cover content from both units. I thought it’s better that way since it makes the questions more challenging, as it makes it harder to ‘guess’ the answer. The great thing is there’s also an answer key. So… double yay!

It’s suitable for intermediate learners and above. Even as an advanced learner, there are quite a number of idioms I didn’t know so I enjoyed reading through the book!

Please save a space for it on your bookshelf!

For those who may be interested why I’m reading a English article peppered with Korean words, it’s the Toucan extension! It’s a super cool tool for immersion language learning. Heard about it some time back but because they didn’t have it in the languages I learn, I shelved it at the back of my mind. Now they have Japanese and Korean in beta mode!! I’ll review it soon but if you are keen, check it out here! (I’m so excited to partner them)

What I like:

  • Well-structured
  • Useful dialogues
  • Fun and interesting illustrations
  • Useful exercises
  • Exercise key

To be improved:

  • nil

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    16 October, 2021 at 10:28 PM

    Hi! I enjoyed your reviews of the books on idioms and proverbs. Any plans to review the hanja book in the photos?

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