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[Review] 빈도별 토픽 (고급)

The 빈도별 series needs no introduction. It should be on everyone’s bookshelf. I raved about the intermediate 빈도별 book in 2014 (omg!) and a friend passed me her copy of the advanced 빈도별 book, so yay I have both now!

The intermediate book

This is easily amongst my top 3 favourite Korean grammar book series and I would highly recommend it. It’s easy to find k-grammar resources for the intermediate / beginner learner but somehow less so for advanced Korean. And this book checked all the boxes which I look for in a good grammar book.

Grammar points arranged in frequency of use

빈도별 means “arranged by frequency” and this is probably a key selling point of the book as they put all the commonly used grammar points upfront, so you get to learn those first. Neat. It works like a grammar dictionary where each grammar point is introduced on a new page and it’s easy to search them up using the glossary.

Highly detailed grammar explanations

If you are a grammar geek like me, you would love this book. This TOPIK prep book has one of the most detailed explanations for Korean grammar and I LOVE IT. They also explained the difference in nuances for similar grammar points. Much love.

Exercises where you are supposed to fill in the blanks

I realised that I didn’t talk much about their exercises in my 2014 blog post. There’s an exercise (about 5 questions) after EVERY grammar point – great. And instead of MCQ, you are supposed to fill in the blank (which means you also practice conjugation) – awesome. It forces you to practice the conjugation and makes you remember the grammar point. I am quite good (ahem) at MCQs, but doing these exercises make me feel that I have a long way more to go to write Korean properly hahaha.

TOPIK Exercises

I thought I’m done heaping praises on this book. But nope. I loveeeee how they also include TOPIK-like questions after a couple of grammar points. It helps you get used to the format of TOPIK questions and are additional practice.

All in all, I love this book.

Please go buy it now. hahaha

Get it at TwoChois.com

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