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[Review|영화리뷰] Kundo 군도

I love watching movies in Korea and one of the main highlights of this trip is that I’ll get to watch 군도 (the first post-army production of Kang Dong Won) on its premiere date!!!!

To be honest I was kinda apprehensive as it is a saguek (movie) and I dunno how much I could understand without any form of subs. Luckily it turned out the past few years of no studying actually produced some kind of progress and I could easily follow the movie, undertanding 85% of the dialogue. I could watch in ease and not feel like Im watching a foreign language movie! YAY.

Ok review time.

First, the cinematography and visuals are stunning!!! >< Korea movie theatres have great screens to let the visuals shine too. To be honest, I expected the gritty and raw feel for a movie that deal with strife and poverty during the Joseon dynasty and if you look at the posters, it seemed like that will be the feel they are going for. But no. Every scene was breathtakingly pretty and I loved it. Interestingly, the movie is broken down into 5 chapters and there is also narration in some parts. Very refreshing concept (: image

The highlight for me was Kang Dong Won (duhh), Ha Jung Woo and Ma Dong Seok!!! Kdw was stunning in every scene and every single movement was filled with grace and power. The fighting scenes were the best and kdw really nailed it down to the expressions in his eyes. <3 You can really tell that he put in a lot of effort in the role and that made me even more appreciative of the movie! Mad respect for him. Ma Dong Seok was a scene stealer (as usual). He simply shines in movies. If there was a flaw in the movie, I would picked the script. There was just something lacking and although the acting was memorable, the movie wasnt. It wasnt touching but there were moments where it could have been. In that aspect, movies such as King and the Clown really shined. Overall: 8.5/10 --------- Heh on another note, I havent been doing much touristy stuff except for... image


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    27 July, 2014 at 10:17 AM

    WOW!!! You got to visit the set of 별에서 온 그대!!! I was just floored when I saw that pick!
    Amazing Shanna

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    28 July, 2014 at 6:40 AM

    I watched the movie face reader and it was strange the english subtitles used difficult, obscurewords and I didn’t know wha they said in Korean so I did not understand some lines fully.
    Also at some points the verb conjugation got so convoluted I couldn’t tell if the meaning was affirmative or not affirmative ( “I will do that “or “I won’t do that..”. Not that that was the line… Just to make it clear)

    Would u say your comprehension was mostly affected by the grammar conjugation stuf or the vocab ?

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