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Refreshed and trying to stay that way

The title basically sums up how I feel right now.

To be honest, what I loved about travelling is not about going to touristy destinations or exploring new places, but rather the positive impact it leaves me – the motivation, the positive energy and hope. That being said, I’m already feeling the fatigue creeping back barely two weeks since I’m back.

Trying really hard to keep out the negative energy and remember only the positives. It’s amazing (and pretty pathetic) how I look forward to Saturdays and I basically spend my week looking forward to it. Super 간절히 ㅋ

Oh well, but that being said, I did retain some positive energy. Been waking up slightly earlier everyday and spend some time reading Psycho Pass before starting my day proper. Also, I’ve been spending commuting time a little more wisely and reading Psycho Pass too ㅋㅋㅋ

Okay, I still can’t tear myself away from Netizenbuzz, Ygpress and Instagram lol 😛

In any case, I’m making good progress in the book. More than halfway through already! ^^ Somehow I have a better track record of finishing Japanese books compared to Korean ones. Don’t even ask me why. But ok, I admit that I still have a few unfinished Japanese novels – MOZU, Colorless etc

Yesterday I surprised myself when I found myself super happy when I heard Japanese spoken on the train. This is hard to describe, but usually when I hear Korean spoken around me, I would have this sense of familiarity and warm fuzzy feeling (?). Well, it’s just a special feeling. I never knew that I would feel the same way when hearing Japanese. I think I got really used to listening to Japanese during the trip 😛 And perhaps this is also a sign that my Japanese may be getting better and I’m loving the language more?

I’m still struggling a little to add in some study / self-improvement time after work. I always end up feeling like a sloth / slug (or whatever that just flops on the floor and becomes limp lol) and it’s realllllyyy hard to get myself to even sit in front of the computer.

So I’ve devised two different ways of spending my evenings. If I have some energy left, I would study Korean but if I don’t, I’ll flop on the bed with my iPad and watch Japanese stuff 😛 Either way, I’m learning something new. So far, the latter is a more common occurrence.

Today is that long-awaited Saturday but I’m not feeling particularly motivated too :/ Had a really tiring day yesterday and slept badly last night. Woke up this morning and did a little bit of stuff but here I am blogging at 1030am. Not very productive, huh?

I’m also slightly annoyed that my highlighter is out of ink (?) and I don’t have a spare one.

Okay, I really need to sit my ass down and do some studying.

I really hate it when I am super lax on self-improvement.

I want to become better in Korean.

Blog about Japan soon!!!

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