4 In Korean learning journey (:

Reflections on KLPT

1st attempt at KLPT last sunday (26/10). We were told to be at the exam venue by 9am (after which we were not allowed in anymore). So being the early type that I always have been, I reached Park Mall at 8am! Guess what? They smartly ‘locked up’ the lift so we couldnt exit at the 12th floor and it only opened at 8.50am.

hmm I think they should have informed us earlier, quite alot of people were just loitering at the ground floor by 8.20! It was actually quite a small number taking the test this time – 24 for KLPT and 7 for Basic-KLPT. And there is a huge disparity between the sexes. I only saw 2 guys out of 24 for KLPT! >< Alot of my guy friends take French as 3rd language. hmm I am not sure if I am being accurate, but somehow I find that more girls are interested in 3rd languages than guys (generally i think).

Since the test starts only at 10am, we had till 9.40am to do our last min preparation, toilet breaks etc. The tables were divided into 3 columns and 8 rows. I was lucky enough to be assigned the first row 2nd column. That means I wont have to strain my ear for the listening test (:


During the test

The first few sections were pretty fine, but I sort of died when aftering the listening test. We had 70 minutes to complete the remaining sections, and trust me, its NOT enough. You need to be able to speed read Korean, which sadly to say, I can’t…yet.

Below are some of the learning points I got this time:

  • do not panic when you can’t catch the conversation
  • If you feel that the reading section is too long and too much of a chore, do not waste time and skip to the last section (conversation)
  • attempt ALL questions

I wasnt prepared adequately this time. haha just trying out to gauge my standard after 10 mths (well, more like 8 ) of learning Korean. Results will be out in 1-2 mth’s time. (:

I’m reading a book ‘The sounds of Korean-a pronounciation guide’ by Miho Choo & William O’Grady. I’m still not good when it comes to the many adjustments to pronounication.

또 만나요.

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    22 November, 2008 at 5:03 PM

    Please When Test EPS-KLT 2008 For Indonesia

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    24 November, 2008 at 10:27 PM

    test klpt kapan bos….kasih tau saya ya, 085224841413

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    iwan songgonghada madiun
    5 December, 2008 at 11:03 PM

    ke GAGALAN adalah awal dari kesuksesan,tahun depan aku nggak lulus ajian,tahun ini kapan ya………………………..??? ya OLLOH berikan kami kekuatan tuk menghadapi ujian nanti AMINNNNNNNNN ya robbal alamin

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