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Random happiness in language learning

So.. Big Bang is in Singapore. hahahaha. #irrelevant

Listening to the 24/7 album by SE7EN right now and that was the first Korean album that I owned and possibly the first Korean singer that I listened to. Almost 5 years ago, this was like gibberish but very nice music to me. As I’m listening to it again right now, I suddenly realized that I understand all the lyrics. Suddenly all that gibberish nice music made sense.

It’s one of those tiny things that you are never conscious of but once you realized it, you are just irrationally happy over it. I remembered learning Hangeul for the first time and tried to sing along SE7EN, squinting at the small booklet of lyrics. Everything was like too fast for me, but I loved that I could hum along a few lines for my favorite songs. To date, the album remains one of my top favorites. It’s one of the albums I listen to when I’m feeling down.

And I’m also super happy about how hiragana has become more familiar to my hand already. Okay that sounds awkward, I mean that I can write hiragana more naturally. Katakana is still a little awkward and unfamiliar to me, but that’ll change soon ^^

hahaha random photo taken outside a minimart in a normal Korean neighborhood! hahahhaha please dun ask me what it is. 😀

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