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Putting the colour back in language notes

It’s interesting how my note taking style changes over time, or rather I have different colour-coding for different stages. I tend to prefer using more colours at the beginner stage, where it helps me differentiate between different sections, and also because my notes tend to be more varied. Speed isn’t what I’m looking for, and I just enjoy the idea of slowly switching between different colours for different needs.

Then again, I’ve become a less colourful (lol) person over the years. In the past, I used to fully colour code my notes, but these days, I mainly use colours for section headings, explanations or meanings. I write mostly in pencil, and these days, I have a preference for non-mechanical ones.

Like this.

I must say I’m really quite loving the set of pencils I bought at the National Museum of Korea. They’re thinner and lighter than usual pencils, which make the grip rather interesting, but they write quite well for HB pencils! I tend to prefer 2B and above, but this is quite good.

I absolutely hate it when pencils are scratching on paper or leave a trace when erased, so thankfully there isn’t this issue here!

The splash of colours really make me happy. I like to keep my notes functional and neat.

I think I’ve mentioned this several times on the blog, but I don’t refer back to my notes after writing them. To me, it’s the process of writing where learning occurs, so 99% of the time I haven’t found a need to look back at them again.

Today, I’m quite proud of how I managed to study a little. 🙂

And the fact that I’m blogging.

I chuckled when I look at my blog title. It seems like I’ll never be able to name this space properly. It stopped talking about Korean dramas a long time back, and after I started learning more languages, the bit on ‘and Korean’ seems inadequate lolol.

But it’s okay. I started out from Korean dramas. So it’ll always remind me of my 初心.

Thank you for sticking around all this time.

Till the next post.

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    8 July, 2023 at 8:41 PM

    Hi! I’m glad to see you blogging again 🙂
    Did you always use pencil? I’ve been using pens exclusively for years, but back when I was a student in school I only used mechanical pencils. It’s interesting how preferences or habits can totally change.
    Anyway, I hope you have a great weekend ^^

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