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Progress for progress’s sake

Wanted to write something about progress in the title and I ended up thinking about the line in Harry Potter.

Language progress time!

As some of you may have seen on Facebook, I’m spending some free time writing for luv.kr, a website dedicated (for now) to introducing awesome food in Seoul! Of course, there are probably similar sites or post types around (10 best xxx in Seoul) but luv.kr is in 4 languages!!   And they happen to be all 4 that I know 😛

I’m actually writing the traditional Chinese part, which I love! Gives me a good chance to actually use the language (which I don’t get to in daily life) and I love how I’m learning something new each time. Never knew that soft serve is 霜淇淋 and ice cream is 冰淇淋. It also brings me a little closer to Korea, which I appreciate (:

To be better, I just borrowed a Taiwanese Seoul guide book so that I can learn the writing style. Being productive is a good change (even though I still spend a lot of time at home).

Reading a lot in traditional Chinese these days (all those 網絡愛情小說). Hello I also want romance in my real life.

Haven’t been doing much for Japanese. I’m past that anime stage I was in for the last few months but I have 2 books on 神社 that I’m super eager to read. Not to mention the novels I still have.

Maybe I’ll have a clearer idea of what to do with my life next month. :/

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