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[Photolog] Out and about in 新世界


To be honest, there is something dreary about the Sinsekai area. It’s quite a quiet and low-key neighborhood, nothing like the modern and hip Umeda nor flashy and upbeat like the Dotonbori area. Maybe it’s one of those areas where it gets more lively at night, who knows.


My first impression of the area was: flashy but pretty deserted.


The area looks even flashier than Dotonbori, with huge signs in hues of bright red and yellow and bold writing. I was actually a little taken aback because the signs can get really overwhelming.

A little jarring even, seeing how there isn’t the crowd or lively atmosphere to match its decor. Maybe we just went at the wrong time (we were there at around 11am)

Osaka is supposedly famous for takoyaki, so we decided to make it our early lunch.


hehe we only realized that this shop is famous after we ordered and sat down lolol


THis is the first time I’ve seen so many different kinds of takoyaki!! The one with all the green onions on top seem a little too different for my taste so we decided to be adventurous (but yet safe) by trying their mentaiko takoyaki.


I’m always fascinated by the whole making process. 😀


YUMM. They are a little too generous with their mayonnaise but surprisingly I kinda like it. I think they use a different kind of mayonnaise, more savory and lighter in texture I think! Piping hot takoyaki is 最高!!


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