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Nothing is ‘useless’ in language learning

Or perhaps I should say that there is no one aspect that is ‘more important’ than the other when it comes to language learning. To me, a good language learner is one who finds learning in everything, one who do not pick out ‘specific’ material to study and one who is always aiming to learn more, not less.

This means that dialects are as important the standard style.

This means that one shouldn’t completely ignore old speech styles.

This means that one shouldn’t just focus on business (insert language name), but read as widely as possible.

Even x-rated writing is a form of learning which might prove to be useful (hahaha okay that was just an example but there’s a story behind this :P)

The point is that, the less you restrict yourself to a certain set of materials / learning goals, the more you actually benefit.

There is no “I don’t need to know this” when it comes to language learning.

One thing I really like about languages is that they open your mind to new knowledge, to new perspectives. It makes you see a lot of things in a different angle, to appreciate diversity and to see that differences is a way of life. When you start to choose what you want to learn, you are denying yourself of this huge benefit of language learning. At least this is how I see it (:

The holiday season is a good time to enjoy and relax and also to get back into the groove of language learning! If your 2016 resolutions include working harder on your languages, why not start now (:


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