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Nominated for Top 100 Language Blog 2009


The bab.la language portal and Lexiophiles are holding the annual TOP 100 Language Blog competition and  I’m so happy to be nominated for this. Anyway please do vote for me from July 8 – July 27. Each of you is only entitled to one vote. So please vote for

My Korean Learning Journey (blogspot)

I’ll update again once I know how the voting will be conducted!

p.s a million thanks to Cathy from MyLangBlog who nominated me!

Dear Shanna,

you are nominated for the “Top 100 Language Blogs 2009” competition. Congratulations! After last year’s success the bab.la language portal and Lexiophiles language blog are hosting this year’s worldwide language blog competition once again. We are confident to surpass more than the 350 blogs which entered the competition in 2008.

We have made two major changes to last year:

1. Due to the amount of blogs we have created categories.
(Language Learning/Language Teaching/Language Technology/
Language Professionals)
You are in category Language Learning
2. User voting will count 50% towards final score

Voting will start on July 8, leaving you enough time to prepare your readers for the upcoming voting. Voting will close on July 27 and the winners will be announced on July 30.

For more information on the 2009 competition and what it is all about visit [http://www.lexiophiles.com/english/top-100-language-blogs-2009-nomination-started]
So now you may ask yourself what you can do. Here are some suggestions

-Nominations are open until July 6, so feel free to share any blog you like with us
-Each blog will have a one-sentence-description for the voting. If you would like a special description to go along with your blog, just send me an email [marc@bab.la]

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