2 In Korean learning journey (:

Need to work harder!

Feeling a little frustrated. The first and last time I took TOPIK was in Sep 2009 and more than a year has passed. Yet, I’m still stuck at the level 4 standard and nowhere near TOPIK level 5. I have to admit that I’ve been too caught up with the more ‘pragmatic’ aspects of my life that Korean learning has took a backseat. The 6 weeks of Korean lessons in Yonsei did improve my vocabulary dramatically but I still feel woefully inadequate.

I can’t even make it past the first 11 questions in the 17th TOPIK advanced paper!! o.m.g. >,< Planning to make the best use of the holidays to absorb as much as possible. I secretly hoped for at least a TOPIK level 5 this year 😀

That being said, I’m still determined to enjoy every step of learning instead of treating TOPIK as a final goal. ^^

I’m addicted to Athena!! hahaha I find it even better than IRIS xD

Today is the last day of 2010. Party hard!! ^^

p.s. I’m probably spending an awesome countdown at home with my Korean books. The way I like it.

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    1 January, 2011 at 4:16 PM

    I should take up TOPIK too.. Huhuhu..
    You’re very admirable. *salutes*

    Looking forward to Athena too..
    Love the casts more than IRIS. 🙂
    Coming soon to Malaysia TV.

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      2 January, 2011 at 4:53 PM

      hahaha thanks 😀 yes!! at first i wasn’t so sure about athena, but it turned out to be more awesome, plotwise and cast-wise! choi siwon is yummmmy in the show 😀 😀

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