5 In Japanese learning journey (:/ N3 Journey

N3 Journey スタート!

New category created! 😀 The other day Parfait used the term “N3 Journey” in a comment and I really like it so I’ve decided to adopt it for a new sub-category in the Japanese learning journey category! 😀 Won’t it be cool if it will be followed by N2 Journey and …. N1 Journey? 😛 hahahaha okay I will not get ahead of myself!

Too late to do something like that for TOPIK though. XD

To be honest, I’m not really preparing for JLPT, I’m just studying Japanese. I don’t even know where my standard lies. I’m using an N2/N3 book from Amber now though, hopefully it will somehow prep me for the exam. I wonder if I will enjoy the exam as much as I do for TOPIK … or not?

I’ve just finished watching a series of Japanese videos with Spanish subs -_____- At first I thought that having Spanish subs there won’t be a problem since it will be equivalent to having no subs (since I don’t speak Spanish). But then… I found myself looking at the subs subconsciously and expecting it to well… help me understand the audio. Sometimes it actually does, since I can figure out some words in Spanish. But most of the time, I was in a wtf mood because I found myself trying to comprehend BOTH the subs and the audio. And once in a while, I found that I was trying to pick up some Spanish via Japanese. o.O

Oh well. I learnt my lesson. Either go unsubbed or stick with Mandarin / English subs.

I’m also in the I DON”T FEEL LIKE DOING ANYTHING mood. Such a great start to my N3 journey pfft.

I’ve been procrastinating a lot (in certain areas) and I’m really sorry to those who are affected by my procrastination D: D: April has been a busy month and I’m really tired.

(This also explains why the blog is lacking informative posts and full of me whining and complaining) ^^


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    24 April, 2013 at 12:05 AM

    U forgot to mention japanese subs. Also There are korean subs in smi format too if u dl dramas.

    N3 is common everyday japanese so u dont even have to study study for it. I’m sure u could pass right now since u will most likely guess all the kanji eord meanings correctly even if u don’t know the meaning. Just keep doing what you’re doing it

    Personally I would recommend u don’t bother with the jlpt. Jlpt3 can’t be helped since you already signed up for it. U already know english mandarin and korean (pretty good) so u have a lot of advantage for learnig japanese. Taking that test is jus a waste time and money for you I think. u know what u shoukd do to improve your japanese with the reading and watching stuff….

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      30 April, 2013 at 7:42 PM

      yeah I kinda just want to try out the exam for fun and I thought that signing up for JLPT will be a good motivation! (: Probably won’t be taking the exam anymore until I’m sure that I can pass N1 or something ><;;

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    25 April, 2013 at 4:34 AM

    even if u don’t know the reading*** (. Just keep doing what you’re doing i

    yeah that makes more sense.

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    26 April, 2013 at 8:07 AM

    I watch Kor TV without subtitles and American/Brit TV/movies with English subtitles. Haha I don’t even know why….

    What I really like is watching Jp TV with Jp subtitles though. The subtitles are created for the hearing impaired, so they have subtitles for background noises and music as well. So e.g. when someone is scrubbing the floor, the subtitles read “shh shh shh shh…” and when someone scoffs, the subtitles actually give the scoff a sound e.g. “pfft.” It is amusing. 🙂

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      30 April, 2013 at 7:59 PM

      hahahaha!!! yeah i think I need subs for American movies LOL. oooh I haven’t really watch a drama with Japanese subs, will try it out! How long have you been learning Japanese? 😀 It seems like your Japanese is even of a higher level than your Korean

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