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My favorite dessert

Japan is known for desserts that are both pretty to look at and delicious. Pretty parfaits, tarts and cakes on display in cafes are awesome, but my favorite dessert is something simple.

Tada! The tangarine pudding from convenience stores!!! This giant 300g of happiness is 189¥, much cheaper than any desserts in cafes. Hehe. I’ve always wanted to try one of these when I saw them in the imported section in certain local marts, but they were damnn expensive, at nearly 4 times the price -.-

Generous slices of sweet tangarines~~ yummms as delicious as it looks! The pudding/jelly is not extremely sweet and it’s just super refreshing! Definitely みかん大満足!! LOL.
Hehe was on a budget in Japan, but couldnt resist a few of these!

Hehe relaxing with a nice book and the pudding! Ohh, and I now own more Japanese novels compared to Korean ones. Wtf. All thanks to a certain awesome bookstore that I’ll introduce next time!

P.S. If you’re wondering, that novel is one of the “Strawberry Night” novels, which have been adapted to a MUST WATCH drama special + a full length drama …. and a movie that is just meh. I haven’t found a Japanese movie that wowed me yet. Oh well.

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    2 July, 2013 at 11:02 PM

    I don’t normally like things like that but I have to admit that looks yummy! Yay for all the Japanese books! 🙂

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