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I’m horrible with details. :/ The JLPT 2 grammar points are giving me a headache because to my untrained (?) eyes, they all look too similar in structure and meaning I can’t seem to remember what is what anymore. I hate to memorise too, so now I’m just going by gut feeling and the general “feel” when I learn these grammar points (at the same time somemore aiyo) and hopefully somewhere in the folds of my brain it will be retained lol.

The grammar points are as follows:

  • 〜からいって
  • からして
  • からすると
  • からといって

Maybe I shouldn’t learn them all at the same time. But I’m using a JLPT N2 book….

I miss the Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese. Can they have an integrated approach to Advanced Japanese too??

(by the way, those books are mostly misnomers. I’m nowhere near “advanced” or even “intermediate”)

I have another Japanese textbook (in Korean) for NHK news articles and according to that book I’m still at the beginner level articles! 😀 😀

I hate to know what is advanced though, because the beginner is already hard enough lol

and yeah…

Sometime in the past week or so, I’ve switched to studying Japanese again.


See, this is why my method of finding something to study according to your mood works. Because I always have mood swings, I can’t seem to stick to one thing permanently. Even though my study method is seemingly haphazard, it ensures that I’m always improving and in the long run, everything will fall in place.

Seriously, I’m doing my best as a working adult. x.x

I’m totally behind in terms of blogging though. I have so many books/resources I wanna review but OMG I HAVE NO TIME.

Don’t want to do the books (and you all) a disservice by giving a half-assed review, so forgive me while I take some more time!! ;;;

I’ll do it when I’m in the mood for it (and have the time!)

Right now I’m in a Japanese grammar book and nothing will deter me from poring over Japanese grammar books. I refuse to do anything else. /stubborn

I missed the application for July N2 (not that I’m ready…) and I’m thinking of December.. actually maybe not. Not very free for year end (if plans fall in place) so that means July 2015….

hahahhahaa maybe by some amazing miracle, I can do N1 by then.

Yeah right.


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    19 April, 2014 at 9:15 PM

    they all mean the same thing in general. don’t worry about it. the multiple choice questions’ answers are a lot more obvious with the choices from what i’ve seen online of pracice. why not go for jlpt1 it’s 70% for passing right? with luck i’m sure you can pass and people always think they did worse than they actually did on tests.

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