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[Movie trailers] June 2011 소중한 날의 꿈 / 모비딕

Here are two upcoming movies that I’m really interested in seeing. Two very different genres.

I’ll watch any movie with Hwang Jung Min in it and he’s one of those actors that almost never chose the wrong script (for movies at least). So it’s almost a guarantee that I’ll like all his movies. The rest of the cast looks good too, particularly Kim Min Hee. She has a unique charm and looks so natural on screen. Kim Sang Ho! He’s awesome in The Taoist Wizard and is those minor characters that are such scene stealers. The premise of the movie looks interesting and after watching the trailer, I’m IN.

Such an old school cartoon (: In the era of 3D, CG and whatnot, such simple cartoons are rapidly on the decline. Looks like a heart-warming cartoon and actress Park Shin Hye lent her voice for the female lead. ^^

Compared to kdramas, kmovies are still less well known outside Korea. Unless it’s a mega blockbluster or where the leads are idol stars. I’m a big fan of korean dramas and a huge fan of kmovies. Just like how I love kpop and absolutely adore k-indie.

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