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Morning reads and time with yourself

It’s easy to lose yourself in the midst of the daily grind and I admit that the negativity was seriously getting to me. It was always an exhausting race against time, although looking back things always seemed better. Hobbies, family, friends were sacrificed and I was permanently feeling exhausted and unhappy. While there were brief periods where I tried to pull myself up, I went back to the same cycle after a while.

We all know the need for work-life balance, but the exact formula is hard to work out. What exactly do I want to do in the “life” part? What is it that will provide me with the happiness and motivation I need. I know the answer lies with language learning, so I have been trying to conscientiously trying to carve out time to do so. I started Thai this year (unplanned!) and so far I have been loving the journey.

That said, sometimes I do feel that I’m adding to the unhappiness (lol) by not having time and energy for languages everyday. It’s like my happiness meter is being determined by whether I did any studying that day and it was sorta unhealthy.

After all these years, I’m still trying to find a formula that works for me. I’ve been working at home due to the COVID-19 situation and honestly I think it’s really a more suitable arrangement for me rather than commuting to and fro the office. hahaha such a homebody. It allows me to have a bit more time to work with to get the balance and I’m starting to incorporate morning reading time into the routine.

Not everyday, but a couple of days per week. To wake up earlier and have some quiet time with a good book.

Decided to pick up The Court Dancer again and despite being a re-read, I feel myself drawn to the narrative easily. I’m probably a better textbook reviewer, so forgive me if I can’t articulate my thoughts about fiction eloquently. What I loved about The Court Dancer is that it’s an amazing piece of translated work. Some translated works feels very stilted and that it’s a very obvious re-telling of the story in a different language. The Court Dancer is probably one of the most smooth and natural translated work I’ve read and honestly, beyond the story (which is already amazing), I’m very much drawn to the craft of translation.

I had borrowed the book from the local library but felt so compelled to own a copy that I went to buy one (hardcover books are so expensive omg!) and proceeded to buy the original work in Korean too. I don’t own many fiction books in English (oops!)

I’ve been meaning to pore over both versions and I think I would start doing that again. I had tried to do a one-page translation to compare it with Anton Hur (the translator)’s work and hahahaha needless to say mine was so woefully inadequate and clunky in comparison.

Hopefully I can keep this up.

Till next post.

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