2 In Japanese learning journey (:

Milestone: Finished first Japanese novel

새벽 1시
Yet another sleepless night.

Have been blowing my nose for the last couple of hours, and that definitely didn’t help. So I’m here typing away in the dark on my phone, in hope that sleep will come soon.

Milestone achieved today! ^^ Finished reading a full adult Japanese novel!!! Gosh, just one year ago I wouldnt believe that I could actually read a novel in Japanese. My Japanese learning journey is definitely less smooth than my Korean one. The few times that I’ve given up or let the knowledge slip by. The times I have to restart learning from scratch! Glad I didnt give up ^^ It’s horrible to forget everything and restart the whole process, but I’m happy that I stuck with it.

I think I’ve said it many times and I’ll say it again. I love Strawberry Night and it’s definitely in my TOP 3 Japanese drama list. Reading the novel is a whole new kind of enjoyment and I really loved the indepth description of the characters and story.

I did wonder if the fact that I knew the story beforehand helped in my reading. I found the novel to be quite accessible and easy to read. Maybe I should a novel that I have no prior knowledge pn next…..

Hehe still, I want to finish 白夜行 next. That novel has particular significance to me because I had promise myself that my goal in learning Japanese was to be able to read that novel. Hehe and I think I’ll find that goal quite manageable now! ^^

Maybe it seems like not a big deal to you all, but I really find reading in a foreign language a very awesome thing and I’m glad to be able to do so in yet another language 😀

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    17 July, 2013 at 12:33 AM

    Congrats in finish your first Japanese book. I most feel like the greatest accomplishment in your Japanese journey with all the ups and downs. Did you finish the two reading you usually do?

    I hope your reading of 白夜行 will end soon so you can aim a new goal. When you get done with 白夜行, what will it be?

    • Reply
      19 July, 2013 at 3:19 PM

      Nope, I finished the first reading! In the middle of the book for the 2nd reading 😀
      Mmm not sure what comes next, perhaps I’ll work harder and attempt to read Japanese non-fiction!

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