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Learning to type in Thai

After a couple of months of procrastinating, I finally started to learn how to type in Thai. I had been relying on my phone keyboard for a while, and even then I am still very slow and squinting at the letters and tone marks before choosing the right one (out of several similar looking ones). When it comes to language learning, I always advocating learning how to write and type in the script at the beginner level, but hahaha I’ve procrastinated for long enough for Thai.

I found this website which shows you the keyboard and make it easier for me to figure out what’s what without referencing a separate picture. Then I can copy what I’ve typed out into the dictionary website. It’s a slow (and rather) painful process now, which involves me putting my nose close to the screen and squinting at the letters and my fingers placed awkwardly on the keyboard.

Yup, so now it takes a couple of minutes just to type one word, and occasionally mixing up ั and ้ cos I really cannot see very well.

Learning Thai has been a really therapeutic activity for me so far, and I love that it’s the first language that I’m learning completely on my own (without taking any classes). I did toy with the idea of taking classes, to have more interactions with people LOL, but nah, not at this point. I’m pretty happy to do it at my own time and speed.

If you are learning Thai, how long did you take to master typing on a computer keyboard?

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