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Learning Korean? Let’s meet! 

Calling out to anyone who’s learning Korean / interested in the language and is in Singapore! ^^

Let’s meet and chill and make new like-minded friends Hahahaha.

When it comes to language learning, I think one fun part is getting to know others who have similar interests as you and that will help to keep you more motivated too. At least I feel that way!

Shout outs to the great people I’ve met through Korean – Gillian, Marsha, Amber, Xing Wei, Wei Xin and many many more. ?

We really don’t have any agenda during our meet ups, just chat and eat and … Eat some more Hahahaha. Ask anyone who has been to our meet ups, no awkwardness. The most awkward person around is probably me Hahahaha.

Yeah. So come join us!!!

Meet at: City Hall MRT, 1pm SHARP (please don’t be late. We’ll be taking bus to Liang Court)
Date: 19 Sept
Venue: Dulcet and Studio, Liang Court (For those going straight to the restaurant, you can come at around 130pm!)

To rsvp: Facebook event page

We’ll likely hang around for dinner too! For those who would like to join us later, you can leave a comment on the event page to let me know! 😀 Alternatively, if you have kakao, you can add me at shannax !

I hope to see you there!

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