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Launch of Selfstudykorean.com

yayyyy!! 😀 After loads of preparations, tweaking of the layout and discussions with the rest of the bloggers, selfstudykorean.com is finally ready (kinda)! 😀

There are still loads to be done: such as figure out the video slider, changing the logo etc, but there are some content up there already!

Selfstudykorean.com is a site created by Shanna from Hangukdrama & Korean. Just like how Hangukdrama doesn’t talk about Korean dramas, selfstudykorean.com does not restrict its contents to learning Korean.

WHY? Because it’s never just about learning the language. As you get deeper and deeper into the language, you probably end up liking or at least knowing about other areas such as Korean food, culture etc.

Selfstudykorean.com is made up of a group of bloggers passionate about Korean / Korea. We primarily talk about learning Korean, but this site is an amalgamation of all things Korean.

Right now, selfstudykorean.com is made up of 9 bloggers, and some of them should be familiar names! For those who have been supporting my blog, please show support to selfstudykorean.com too! 😀 😀 We have loads of ideas for collaborations etc between the bloggers and will bring you interesting and informative content on learning Korean ^^

I am still blogging at Hangukdrama. I’ll be posting unique content on both sites, so please continue to support both 😀 There may be some overlap of posts, but definitely different content for both Hangukdrama and selfstudykorean.com

So please don’t stop reading hangukdrama 😀

Please leave comments and give encouragement to the bloggers over at the new site!

wooots. And this happens to be my 600th post!!

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    6 March, 2012 at 9:58 AM

    Hangukdrama, Looks real interesting. Nice job setting up!

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