Translation and Tutoring

I am a Singapore-based translator from Korean, Chinese and Japanese to English, and occasionally from Korean and Japanese to Chinese.

Besides translation services, I also offer online language tutoring/consultation.

About me. I have a BA in Linguistics and a couple of years’ experience teaching languages to both children and adults. I started learning Korean in Jan 2008 and passed TOPIK Level 4 (high intermediate) in Oct 2009. I passed TOPIK Level 6 (highest) in 2013, and have renewed the certification in 2015, 2018 and 2020. I have experience working in Korean-speaking environments in both Singapore and Korea.

  • Personalisation. I will tailor the textbooks/additional materials used and the teaching methods to match your interests and learning styles.
  • Tailored Korean lessons for children. It’s never too early to start learning a foreign language. My youngest student is 10 years old. 🙂

Korean | 한국어

Regular lessons: Beginner to intermediate learners. Ages 10 and up.

TOPIK Preparation: TOPIK I and TOPIK II.

Language Consultation

Suitable for those who would like to book individual session(s) to seek advice on how to learn languages more effectively. In the session, we will discuss your learning methods, how to work on areas where you feel “stuck” and how to better plan and organise your learning journey with more effective methods / resources. Before a session is confirmed, please let me know what you would like to discuss so that I can ensure that this session would be worth your time (and money). I will only confirm the session if I feel that I am able to be of assistance / to offer advice. 🙂

2023 Rates

In-Person Tutoring

  • Drop me an email to discuss

Online Tutoring

  • From USD 27 / hour, depending on level
  • Minimum 1 hour per session

Language Consultation

  • USD 22 / hour for Korean, Japanese and Chinese language learners
  • Minimum 1 hour per session

Note: Payment will be by PayPal (all regions). Any processing fees will be borne by you.


Use the contact form at the end of the page (for language tutoring/consultation) or drop me an email (for translation and other enquires) at

Q&A (Teaching Korean)

Is it effective to learn with a non-native speaker?

A: Being a native speaker does not automatically equate to being a good language tutor/mentor. As someone who has self-studied Korean to a high level of proficiency, I have walked the path and hence will be suitable in guiding you along that journey too. I know which are the areas that will trip learners up (particularly if we share the the same native languages), and how best to tackle them. While my pronunciation may not be fully native-like, language tutor (whether native or not) should not be the only resource / input for your target language.

Your blog is about self-studying languages. Why are you becoming a tutor?

A: Self-studying languages is not impossible and I continue to stand by that! That said, I do love helping others with their language learning journey too. My goal as a tutor is not only to teach you the language but also guide you on how to learn independently at the same time.

What’s your teaching style?

I will adapt my teaching methods to your learning style 🙂 In general, I use a mix of auditory and visual learning aids when teaching new vocabulary. This is to help students get used to learning new words not just by seeing them, but by hearing them and piecing out the spelling themselves. For example, when teaching days of the week, I do not just show my students a table/chart and get them to memorise. Instead, I ask my students to first listen to each word (e.g. 월요일 for Monday), try to piece the vowels/consonants in each of the syllable and write the words out themselves – . In the process, they create their own notes instead of simply coping them down.

Q&A (Language Consultation)

What can I expect from the session?

A: In general you can see it as a consultation on language learning. In general, we will discuss your learning methods and identify areas where you can learn languages more effectively. For languages that I am familiar with, I will also help to identify resources to help you better learn the language. Before a session is confirmed, we will discuss over text/email on what you will like to talk about. This is to ensure that I can be of help, and not just wasting your time (and money). I will reject session requests if I feel that I cannot value-add.

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