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You know that sinking feeling of dread in your stomach? The unexplained unease and anxiety and stress. I’m not sure where to pinpoint that source of negativity, but I’ve been rather unhappy this week. The feelings manifested itself in physical symptoms too and I’ve been trying to keep myself calm and inject some rationale and reasoning in myself.

Was feeling slightly over the edge this afternoon and decided to pause and do something I love best – language learning. It’s therapeutic to just leave everything aside and delve into a different world. Was reading a couple of pages in of 리진 and I felt a lot calmer and happier after that.

That sinking feeling had subsided and I felt more like myself again. Was finding a playlist to keep me company and decided on my favourite Big Bang songs. I got into Big Bang sometime in 2009 and fast forward 10 years later, I’m still loving their songs. There’s a story behind how I started listening their songs. When I first started learning Korean, I was eager to buy books in Korean, way before I was even able to read a sentence coherently.

It was probably sometime in 2008. Back then, online shopping wasn’t that huge and I was a noob too. Hence, I went down to the 솔 Sol Mart in Cineleisure (who still remembers??), where they had a small selection of Korean books. I could barely read the titles of the books, and picked this one out. I think on the same visit, I also picked a parenting book. LOLOL. So you can tell that the choices were purely random and based on the book covers lol.

I didn’t know who those five guys were, and I probably never heard of the group. When I learnt more Korean, I started to read bits of the book and got curious who these guys were. By then I knew of Big Bang the kpop group and started to listen to them. It was probably an instant connection. I love their songs and continue to do so for the following 10 years. I watched quite a number of their variety shows and tried to keep up with their news. I cannot call myself a die-hard fan, but yet it was as close as I could have ever be one.

It was thus disappointing to learn of their negative news. While I still love their songs, I don’t think I can feel the same way about them again. ):

They were the legendary group (or one of them) back in those days and I really wished they could have remained as such.

If only. If only the fond memories could stay that way.

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