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Language learning updates May 2014

I can’t believe we’re heading towards June in a couple of days. :/ My youth is passing by soooo fast. What youth

In any case, language updates!

I’m ashamed to say that recently i havent done much for Korean. Stopped reading novels, stopped watching dramas, stopped listening to kpop. Not to worry, because somehow I still managed to be in touch with some form of Korean everyday. You just simply can’t tear me away from that language. (:

Instead, I’ve been spending slightly more time on Japanese.

Hahaha i can’t tell whether I’m being productive or simply procrastinating in a slightly better way. I’ll “run away” from Korean to Japanese and then sometimes the other way round. Lol.

I’m guessing that’s a more productive type of procrastination? ^^

For Japanese, I’m simply in love with the MOZU novel and drama. Those who know me well know that i love thrillers/mysteries and I love dramas that are made to look like films. The more gritty, raw touch with excellent cinematography. 무정도시 was everything I wanted in a drama but MOZU is awesome too. Although I just wish that the characters will stop smoking and lighting up cigarettes in every other scene -.-

One awesome thing is that I’m watching the drama unsubbed and I’m way ahead in the drama compared to the book. My 2nd unsubbed Japanese drama(:

It’s pretty cool to see how my receptive skills improving since I started learning in 2012. ^^ never knew I would be able to watch Japanese dramas unsubbed.

Yay self studying is totally possible. I see myself as a self learner for Korean but I guess in v v strict terms, I’m more of a self learner for Japanese. >< In any case, i dun have much time so I'm mostly reading during commuting time. :/ Hehe I've been spending some time watching some v awesome videos online hahahaha. Will share them nxt time!!! Remember to vote for me in the previous post! (:

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    24 May, 2014 at 9:20 PM

    are you watching with japanese subs?? If not you should it’s available.. .


    and if you read too fast you can make the subs delay on your media player.

    honestly watching j-dramas raw without subtitles only help so much and you’ll only be able to catch what you alreayd know for the most part and everything else just passes you with the “noise filter”. I think I used to foolish believe just watching lots and lots of raw japanese media will lead to fluency… you really have to look up words so you ca nactually notice it when it’s used instead of me ignoring it the 100 times it appeared.

    noise filter:

    Assume that I could acquire the language through listening and watching massive amounts of Japanese radio and TV.

    What happens is you reach a point where you understand enough to get by and after that your “noise filter” kicks in. See, there is this filter inside your head that just filters out most of the words you don’t know. This allows you to concentrate on what you know and follow the speaker. But, you can hear a word a thousand times and completely ignore it. Now when you actually make an effort to “learn” a new word, suddenly you start hearing it all the time, because it can now pass through your noise filter.

    So yes, listen and watch, but cook it before you eat it or it will just pass through your system with little effect.

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