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Out and about in Kyoto #1

Can’t believe I’m still blogging about the Japan trip ><

Took the Hankyu line from Osaka to Kyoto (Karawamachi Station) and our hostel (Khaosan Kyoto) was just a 3 min walk away from the station. Mad convenience!

To be honest, it was kinda sad when we first saw our room because it was much smaller and darker than our hotel in Osaka and the toilets were shared. However, I grew to really love the place and have absolutely no problems with shared toilets. But it’s kinda funny at first to have a guy brushing teeth next to you lolol. Very clean, neat and convenient place. Highly recommended! ^^

I loved the area and there was this EXCELLENT yakiniku (bbq) place along the street where the hostel is located (towards the main area). It’s called 蔵 (google image 焼肉 蔵 京都 for the picture) and the plus one and I always walk past it at night and drooled over the scent of meat lolol. More on that next time!


I love the architecture there 😀 So many quaint shops and buildings.


The lipton tea house that I blogged about, within 5 mins walk.


I love eating 定食 in Japan 😀 It’s like kinda set meal and I love to see various dishes on a tray! We simply went into a random small place and it was kinda memorable because of the bff and I died laughing when we looked at our food portions. Cos It seemed like I have a huge appetite (which I kinda do).


bff’s order


mine hahahahhaa

See the difference?

And look at that huge pile of rice. I didn’t know that the set comes with medium size rice (750 yen) but if you downsize it to small size, it would be 690 yen. (look at menu picture above!)

So hilarious. I still managed to finish almost everything I think!

I think I only have memories of eating in Kyoto. Eat and eat non stop..

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