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[Korean Textbook Review] 토픽 필수 문법 (고급)

Looking for a comprehensive advanced Korean grammar book to study for TOPIK II?


Buy this. Now. 

I guess I can end the blog post here, since that’s really my main point.

But that won’t count as a review right? ^^


This is one of those books where I’ll be like “sigh I wished I had this when I was studying for TOPIK”.

I love studying Korean grammar but somehow the bunch of grammar points grouped under ‘advanced grammar’ seemed to evade me. I still remember being really frustrated by all that ~랴마는 / 련마는 / 다마는 / ㄹ까마는 stuff (actually I also cannot differentiate them now…). It was even worse because I had to learn those points by looking at the TOPIK past year questions and then finding the relevant entry in my grammar dictionary.

It was just painful and I really wanted something like this book to help me. :/

Till today, I don’t know how I passed by TOPIK 6, by winging it I guess lol.

What this book do is really compile all the advanced grammar points into one neat book, with very very clear and concise explanations.


Each point consists of:

  • meaning(s)
  • similar grammar points
  • examples (if there are 2 sets of meanings, then there will be 2 sets of examples)
  • mini conjugation exercise (very relevant and helpful!)
  • space for you to write memos (so considerate!!)
  • extra explanation (if needed)
  • answers to exercise

I love how the answers are on the same page, no need to flip back and forth!

The explanations are just right in terms of details and it’s very easy to work through as a revision tool!


There are regular sections with TOPIK questions (from past year papers) for you to practice and review too!

What’s more is that they actually provide PROPER EXPLANATIONS to each question at the back (in Korean). Really awesome!

I love how there are also extra bits of info here and there. There is a section on 부사 regularly tested in TOPIK II (more difficult ones like 기껏, 섣불리, 으레), 4 character idioms, onomatopoeia words etc 😀

See, worth buying right?

I’m super happy with the book and I’m working through it right now ^^

What I love:

  • Everything
  • Extremely useful book for preparation for TOPIK II
  • Comprehensive and easy to work through
  • Extremely relevant content

What can be improved:

  • Nothing

To buy the book, head over to TwoChois! Thank you for sending me the book! ^^


ISBN: 978-89-6292-446-6


If you remember, I blogged about several TOPIK grammar books. The other 2 awesome ones are 외국인을 위한 한국어 문법 (click for review) and 빈도별 토픽 (중급) (click for review).


I guess the question here would be – which one to buy?

Firstly, it’s hard for me to make a direct comparison since my 빈도별 book is intermediate and 토픽 필수 문법 is advanced. However, I think 빈도별 is slightly more detailed but I really like 토픽 필수 as a comprehensive, revision-type of book. Fast to go through, easy to understand and absorb. I guess if you are learning advanced grammar for the first time, go for 빈도별 (assuming the advanced book is as good as the intermediate one), if you just need a book for review, 토픽 필수 is great.

(actually both are awesome)

The 외국인 위한 book is structured in a different way (grammar points are grouped according to meaning / function), so it’s not really directly comparable to the other 2. But highly recommended too. It allows you to review the points and see the bigger picture and understand the slight differences between similar grammar points.

erm, I guess I’m not helping you make a decision right? ;;

I hope you like the review (the last one in 2014)! Please leave a comment 😛

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  • Reply
    30 December, 2014 at 5:00 PM

    I am loving the books from 박이정! I love how detailed each books are and the amount of stuff you can learn. I also love how simple the explanations are as well huhu different from the other books I tried.
    I have the 빈도별 토픽 고급 book! But I think there’s more advance grammar in 토픽 필수. Both are very useful though.
    Thank you for the detailed review Shanna!

  • Reply
    31 December, 2014 at 6:06 PM

    These have been on my wish list for a while. I can’t wait to try them once I work through the rest of the books I have. I’m always looking at different books to get even though I have a good amount on my bookshelf to get through.

    By the way, once you started studying advanced grammar, did you notice that to get more detailed information (vs the 1-2 lines in most textbooks) you had to go through various books and sites vs just one or two? Ex.: If you were working through a textbook chapter, out of three resources on grammar, book A one has one point, book B has the other two book A didn’t have but not the one it had, and site #1 has the last missing point?

  • Reply
    5 January, 2015 at 9:01 PM

    Thanks for the rec! Putting this on my reading list. Just picked up the Yonsei 읽기6 book again for the first time in 6 months. Haha…

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