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[Korean Restaurant Review] 토담골 Todamgol

It’s not even an exaggeration anymore when I say that you are spoilt for choice when it comes to Korean food in Singapore, especially if you are in the Tanjong Pagar area.

Despite the variety of choice, I still stick to a few restaurants and one of my personal favorites is Todamgol – one of the most authentic Korean restaurants in Singapore (food and atmosphere wise).

The dimly lit restaurant may not have caught your attention right away, but the decor outside would definitely have done so. Fashioned like a Korean traditional 주막, Todamgol is the perfect place for a drink, especially since it serves a wide variety of makgoli (rice wine) and other alcohol.

The interior decor is unique too. The seats in the main area are spacious and yet offers some kind of privacy and if you want even more privacy, there are private rooms that are suitable for groups of 4 and above.

If you have been to Korea before, stepping into the restaurant brings back familiar memories, with the (cute) Korean staff bustling around taking orders.

If anything, the place is popular with Koreans and you know – go where the native goes.


And the FOOD.

(black and white doesn’t do it justice right)



The banchan is one of the best around and I tend to judge the quality of a Singapore Korean restaurant by the side dishes they serve.

Everything here is GOOD, and they serve the best kimchi and the cucumber 😀


Been to Todamgol several times, and the food never disappoints. This time, we tried the 보쌈 bossam (which I knew was good) and 냉면 (cold noodles).


I’ve found the best 냉면 here. Even better than some of the ones I had in Korea ><


I’ve recommended this place to many of my friends and all of them loved it (:

Other recommendations: Mussel stew (if you are drinking), seafood pancake, oyster pancake, 버섯불고기 전골 beef mushroom stew.

The only downside? The price.

Expect the meal to cost around $30 per person and can easily go up to $50 per person  if you order more.

Then again, every bite is worth that indulgence and Korean food in Singapore is not cheap in the first place. ^^

All in all, highly recommended and you will find yourself going back again.

Reservations recommended.

Like them on FB: https://www.facebook.com/todamgol.sg

31 Tanjong Pagar Rd, Singapore 088454

Tel: 62247077

p.s. First day out with the camera! I think it did really well in low lighting. The restaurant was really dim! 😛

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