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Korean Learners Meetup @ SG

It seems rather long (it is) since our first Korean learners meetup which progressed to a Korean-English language exchange meetup here and here.

I figured that it will be weird to do a full Korean-English meetup straightaway – Korean learners are awkward, Koreans are awkward, I’m awkward, everyone is awkward LOL – so starting with a meetup among ourselves (the learners).

Anyway it’s been a long time!!!

Everyone always ask the same questions, so here goes the FAQ!

Q: Can I join if I can’t speak Korean (well)?

A: Yes. We are all learning and we welcome learners at all levels. You just have to be learning Korean to join. Anyway this time it’s among learners, we may not be speaking much Korean… hehe but some of us do! lol

Q: What is the programme of the day?

A: Knowing me, it will be random and casual. No programme. Just chit-chat, chill, make friends. Topics may include: fangirling, going to Korea to study/work/intern etc, studying Korean, Korean dramas, Korean food, TOPIK lol.

Q: Do everyone already know each other?

A: Nope. As with meetup / groups, there is an “old crowd” but we welcome new people.. like really. Every meetup there are a lot of new people! Anyway since you read this blog, you already know me right? lol

Q: Can I learn Korean in the meetup?

A: WE DO NOT TEACH KOREAN. Please don’t come here and expect to learn Korean like in a class ok! Even the usual Korean-English language meetups I do are very casual, so it’s about meeting new (Korean) friends but none of us is ‘teaching’ each other a language, although you are free to do so among yourselves! It’s about having fun and also practicing a new language, no formal lessons or what not.

So… the event details!

Date: 8 Feb 2014

Time: 2pm

Venue: Central @ Clarke Quay

What we are doing: Late lunch, followed by coffee/walk around and possibly dinner (elsewhere maybe)!


Note: If you RSVP I assume you are coming at 2pm. If you wanna just join for coffee / dinner, RSVP then post on the wall to say you are coming for ____ !

Dinner venue/menu/time will be decided during lunch LOL

(always thinking of the next meal :P)

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    16 February, 2014 at 11:29 PM

    Ahh!! I can’t believe I missed the meetup… next time next time!

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