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Korean-English language exchange meetup in Singapore! :D

Yet another meetup! 😀 I smartly didn’t realize that it was F1 weekend (all the race cars and road blockages) and held the meetup in City Hall. Needless to say, there was a hugeee crowd! Didn’t have much space to move around in the restaurant, but glad everyone was a good sport about it ^^ Some photos are mine but most are credited to Aloysicus! ^^

Making the Koreans do 자기소개 again lolol. I shall try something else next time, maybe. xD

Happy faces 😀

Before this meetup, many of them do not knew each other. But we all made new friends. 😀

Some had already left but we decided to take a group shot anyway!

Some of us stayed on for 2차 and we walked to the riverside and ended up in McDonalds! XD Super fun with the usual crowd!

This meetup is open to all who are in Singapore and are learning Korean / is Korean. ^^ It’s just a fun and relaxing session where we all gather to make new friends, chat in English / Korean and basically have fun. It’s also a casual meetup session for people who read my blog. It’s nice to get to know all the people who have supported my blog and learning journey!! It is not a formal session to learn Korean / English etc. So please don’t come here expecting to learn Korean ><;

If you are interested in joining our next meetup, LIKE the facebook page! Updates will be posted there 😀

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