2 In Korean learning journey (:

Korean books and more Korean books

Perhaps it’s time to invest in a bookshelf. I’m extremely tempted by this. Or this.

I’ve a pile of books on my shelves (where they belong), a few mini piles on my bed (where they don’t belong), a few piles on the floor, on the sofa (you get the idea).


One of the piles on my bed!

But I would never say no to more books, especially Korea(n)-related ones! 😀

TwoChois very kindly sent over a few the other day and the package made my day!


Their service is awesome as usual and they included a notebook (extreme left) too!! ^^ I love receiving notebooks!

This package is awesome as it contained books of different levels and non-textbooks too! Can’t wait to review them.

Every time I looked at the website, I just want to throw everything into the cart. (Going to bookstores is my favourite pastime in Korea and Japan haha)


Haven’t really read through in detail, but omg the Korean slang book and Simple Korean looks damn awesome!!

The Simple Korean book is really a very very very simple and beginners book for Korean. Like super beginner. Which is awesome since most beginner books aren’t beginner, if you know what I mean.

Even my mum approves. She saw the book and have been asking me for it o.O (not kidding you). Maybe she can do the review (haha just kidding).


Because I haven’t been able to use my camera for a month, I took a few more pictures.

I’ve heard of the Korean slang book, so I can’t wait to get started on it! I’m actually not very good with colloquial stuff, since I’m totally not a variety show person.


One more pic! Hopefully the TOPIK book will be good! Anyway, I would probably be taking TOPIK again in 2016 (since my cert is expiring -.-). Hopefully I would get my level 6 again, I’ll die of shame if I don’t hahahaha.


Random photo of my body moisturisers! All from Japan ^^ I really like the Diane ones, very light and smells great! The EMODA body cream is of a richer texture (the young woman smell, I guess I’m graduating from those sweet floral scents lolol) and I haven’t been using it cos Singapore has been damn hot -____-


Final picture! hahaha featuring my favourite tumblr from Starbucks Korea and my collection of Fuchiko (all the ones I have are so… mild, meh)! And a strand of hair (if you can spot it).

I’m shedding.

Reviews out in July!

But of course, if you are really eager, feel free to start buying! The June break is a good time to catch up on languages! If you have one lol. I don’t.

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    10 June, 2015 at 4:04 AM

    I would pick the second one. It would make a wall full of books. 😀

    It would be interesting to read an evaluation from your mother as a true beginner.

  • Reply
    13 June, 2015 at 5:23 AM

    Honestly I’m kinda interested in the Simple Korean book. I’ve been wanting a Korean text book but I honestly am having a hard time finding one. *fingers crossed*

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