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[Korean Apps] 엠톡 Mtalk Digital Lifestyle Magazine

If you are learning Korean and own an iPad, this is a very recommended e-magazine app! 엠톡 is a digital lifestyle magazine that focuses on digital products, new apps / products and is suitable for everyone who are interested in smartphones, tech geeks and Korean learner. This monthly magazine is pretty new and each issue has a wealth of materials.


I just had to include this screenshot ^^; The format of the magazine makes everything very easy to read and there isn’t that many words in one page, so you won’t feel like you are being swamped with Korean.


One thing I love about this e-magazine is that it incorporates videos in addition to words and images, and it makes the whole magazine a lot more interesting. In this issue, an interview with the star is included in the magazine spread. You get to practice listening at the same time!


Being a lifestyle magazine, I love it that they include the latest movies and a short review! 😀 You don’t have to search up the trailers separately, everything is included in this app!


This is definitely one of my favorite Korean apps these days. ^^ Makes good reading material.

Download the app here. 

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