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Know a foreign language, know a country 

I meant to pick up a foreign language, but I didn’t quite expect to pick up knowledge of another country along the way. 

Quite a fair bit in fact.

I’m sometimes quite surprised by how much I actually know about Korea. Small things like the location of a particular corporation, the existence of a particular business association, the newest celebrity news etc. 

Basically bits and pieces of knowledge that spans different areas such as politics, business, economy, real estate, technology, entertainment and culture. 

It just feels amazing how learning a new language can lead to knowing more knowledge. I put in conscious effort to learn the language, but I’ve never studied about the country, so it always surprise me that I know a certain fact and could continue a converstion about a topic I never knew I was familiar with. 

This post is of course not meant for me to flaunt how much I know. Lol.

In fact, it is as much about realising how much I don’t know yet. 

News is always the greatest source of knowledge in general and I feel like I must read more. 

(Although the thought of needing to read in the Korean language after work is not that appealing at times) 

Talking about Korean, it has become a default language for me. Although not the speaking part yet ><. I’m definitely better at expressing my opinions in English and my boss did very kindly give me the option of reporting difficult stuff in English. But no, even though that is a very tempting option, I would just struggle my way through in Korean. ??
Once I lapse into the comfort zone, I am denying myself a great opportunity to learn and become better. I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity of working in a Korean environment in my home country and thus I would make the best of it (:.

I often get questions about how to improve. And I guess my answer would be never to take the easy way out. Eg. For a placement test, you are placed in x level but you think you should be x+1. Appeal for x+1. Given a choice of the English or Korean menu, take the Korean one. Use the language at every opportunity you get. 

That’s how we all learn. 

Sorry for the rambling thoughts. Not trying to sound preachy, just sharing my experiences (:

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    Deserae McG
    27 May, 2016 at 7:55 PM

    It’s so true. One of the things I always remind myself when I’m trying to learn something in another language is that I’m also learning stuff about the people who speak it. I guess my mantra is “understand the language, understand the people.” LOL!

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