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Good job me, 4 months later I’m still blogging about Japan! hahaha. Amber has already started her new life in Tokyo, talk about time flying ><

In any case, that day was 大変身 day, aka the day we did our hair. Amber is really 짱 at doing research, she found a salon near our hotel that has a pretty awesome deal for cut + perm + colour at around 14,000 yen.


Breakfast as usual at our favourite hole-in-the-wall place. I just didn’t want to try anything else. I love the tamago roll!


I can eat this every day.


Amber was awesome and brought (and introduced) me to Animate, one of the biggest manga/anime related stores! Okay I didn’t know it exist, so probably I’m still not an otaku yet? 😛


Bought a Psycho Pass merchandise 😀


Had lunch at MOS Burger! The corn soup was really good and the burger was yums too.


I don’t really remember what we did that day o.O I guessed we went early to scout out the location of the salon. No, wait. We went early and then was told to make an appointment and come back in the afternoon hahaha. okay my memory is getting hazy.


I am really not that much of a dessert person but I seem to have develop a love for Japanese sweets and desserts. Basically pestered Amber to let me have my dessert in this quaint cafe. It was actually located in an underground shopping mall which was pretty busy.


This was good. I love custard puddings!

Hair transformation! I am very sorry that I don’t have any photos of the salon (never take) or our after pictures together (won’t let me upload properly). It was a pretty cool experience and seriously after daring to step into a Korean salon in 2010 when my Korean was pretty broken, nothing fazes me anymore lolol. If anything, there’s always Amber 😛

In the end we both had our own stylist attending to us so it wasn’t like I could get much help either. I managed to get by with my broken Japanese and even strike up a conversation(?) with the stylist hahaha.

Came out of the salon pretty satisfied! You guys will probably see more selca photos after this post hahahaha. We barely took selcas before our hair transformation day 😛

Dinner was at a random izakaya omg I love love love the food there!!!

Well, my goal was the Yuzu highball which I have been craving over a year (ask the plus one haha) and finally satisfied my craving!


The menu. When I first went into an izakaya 2 years ago with the plus one, I could barely read anything and that probably contributed to the less than stellar experience as we didn’t even know what we ordered (just point and hope something ok comes). I think I’m much better this time around and of course, there’s always Amber hahahaha.


Bowl of delish. We ordered a few dishes to share and everything was great!


Mini gyozas that were mad delicious.


Fried chicken. Also very delicious (now you see one of the reasons why I don’t have a food blog)


Jaganiku (beef and potato) which was delicious too! hah. In any case, this was a dish I really wanted to try after seeing it appear in dramas etc. It’s one of those dishes that are like home-cooked food and you seldom see it in Japanese restaurants in SG.


Okay, I’m really not a big fan of oden.


I love nighttime in Japan!! So vibrant and pretty 😀


We die die wanted to take purikura to commemorate our transformation day so we set out to walk around the neighbourhood (which we had been before) to find the game arcade. It was pretty much torturous since it was super cold and the purikura machines evaded us. We refused to give up as we were sure that we had seen them around before.



Saw this really cool vehicle shop selling takoyaki!  😀


We finally found it and took the mandatory purikura. Went back to the hotel feeling satisfied 😀

Till the next post!!

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    14 April, 2015 at 8:19 AM

    omggg u’re making me wanna go back to japan again ><

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    20 April, 2015 at 3:39 PM

    All of the food looks really good!!! Did you say tamagooo. I have a huge weakness for tamago, I think I could eat a whole log.

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      21 April, 2015 at 8:39 PM

      hahahha I know what you mean. Me too!

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    3 May, 2015 at 7:48 AM

    All the food looks so good. Why are you making me hungry?

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