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[Japan 2015] Day #2(2) Kobe Port Island

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We then headed straight to the Portliner Line to go to Kobe Port Island, which is a manmade Island that Amber really wanted to visit 😛

Well, we didn’t exactly head ‘straight’, since the train stations were all so confusing so we walked around in circles for awhile o.O


While heading in circles, we came across this 😛 hahahahaha. I feel a bit awkward taking the photo and I guessed Amber probably didn’t want to acknowledge my presence then lol.



While wandering around, we decided to take our first (of many) purikura of the trip! 😀 The machines are magic – flawless skin, (too) big eyes, elongated legs, smooth hair.


Finally found the Portliner so here’s a 인증샷!


To be honest, I didn’t expect to like the Port Island so damn much. Both Amber and I agreed that we would really want to move there and stay there forever 😛 Seriously, I love the peace and tranquility (and fresh air) there. It feels quiet and safe and very very very pretty!!


The photos are unedited (of course, what did you expect from lazy me? .____.) and the most I did was to apply the camera filter lol. Either that or it’s just raw.


I miss the atmosphere. The kind that I have not found in SG yet.


We were super enamoured of a particular apartment estate that overlooked the sea (?). Photo above was taken next to the apartment.

Situated next to a very pretty university, with palm trees lining the street, and overlooking the sea, what’s not to like?

But there were more reasons why Amber loved the apartment hahaha. 😛


Mad pretty view!


Family kite-flying. (:


One more of the scenery because one’s never enough.

To be honest, it was freezing cold that day but still very pretty!!


Fell in love with the campus. Feeling that I wanna be a student again. (okay on second thoughts, NO) I just want to be a housewife lol.


Took a leisurely stroll around the empty campus (winter break!). <3


Feels like you can shoot a drama here. ><


Love the big open spaces <3


Walking back to the station! It was way past lunch time (nearly 3) by then. >< Wanted to eat in the island but it looked so empty and we couldn’t even find anything save for a combini in the station. Decided to go back to Sannomiya for lunch.


If you are in Japan, please go eat Yoshinoya!!!!!!!! I don’t know about Yoshinoya in other countries but if you think of skipping it because it tastes … bad in SG, please go try! It’s SUPER GOOD. Especially how you can order an extra raw egg and mix with your rice. Yums. One of my MUST-EAT list was raw egg on rice, so I was very glad to tick that off the list!


Singapore used to have a Daimaru, did you guys remember? It used to be where Plaza Sing was. I loved it when I was a kid.


I love looking at Ferris Wheels (but not go on them…)

Had dinner with Tamaka-chan, Amber’s Japanese friend! hehe she’s really nice!


Before dinner, went to sightsee a little. I remembered this from the previous trip!


Tamaka and Amber



Tamaka-chan looking happy! ^^

While queuing for Okonomiyaki, Tamaka bought these……. Takoyaki in soup (I don’t know the name!) for us to try.


Super dubious looking (oops) but it wasn’t too bad. But I probably won’t eat it again ;;;;  It warmed us up! ^^


Dinner was good! The nearest one to me was my seafood modanyaki. 😀 It was so huge I couldn’t finish it.

We actually went to Botejyu San, which has outlets in SG too. The one in Japan is (of course) a lot better! ><

Took the train back to Osaka and bought desserts from the combini!!!


Non-alcoholic Sparkling drink!

THIS. THIS IS MAD GOOD. Tastes like sparkling champagne, but it’s totally non-alcoholic! <3

Check in often for the next post! 😀




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    28 January, 2015 at 11:01 AM

    Looks like you guys had lots of fun. The island looks very pretty. I know what you mean about wanting to be a student but not at the same time. I can’t imagine writing essays again.

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