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[Japan 2015] #Day 1 Fukubukuro & Gachapon

I’m back from Japan!! 😀 It was an awesome trip and I am now starting to diligently blog about it. I haven’t even finish blogging about Kyoto 2013…

Day 1 wasn’t much since we reached Osaka in the late evening. The only thing on my mind was to go to my favourite Japanese label (EMODA) and get their fukubukuro (福袋)!! 😛

Fukubukuros, also known as lucky bags, are basically grab bags from merchants where they would put in random (sometimes known) items from their brand into a sealed bag and sell them at a very much discounted price. For example, if you pay 5,000yen for a lucky bag, you can expect to get goods of around 15,000yen or so. SUPER WORTH IT. A lot of fashion labels have fukubukuros so it’s always awesome if you like a particular brand. It’s also a lot of fun because you don’t know what you will be getting 😀

For me, EMODA is my favourite and I was totally looking forward to getting one after seeing the bag on their webstore. I was so scared that it will sell out really fast so I wanted to go on Day 1.

Image from EMODA Facebook

Image from EMODA Facebook

Isn’t it awesome??? You definitely get the sweater and then either 3/4 more items. A lot of fukubukuros are just cheap looking bags but EMODA’s one is really big (can be a travel bag!) and of very very very good quality. (yes I really like the brand but normally I can’t afford it oops)

It’s lucky that we stayed in Umeda and there was a EMODA within walking distance at LUCUA mall.

Passed by Earth Music&Ecology (another Japan label) on the way to EMODA and we both couldn’t resist getting the 5,000yen fukubukuro lolol (there is the 10,000yen too). Earth’s one is slightly different in that the items are already made known to you. Both good and bad I guess? Takes out that fun factor :/


Earth Music & Ecology Fukubukuro 2015


Earth Music & Ecology Fukubukuro 2015


I was really glad that the clothes are still wearable in forever-summer Singapore. hehe the style is not really me but I still like them 😀


Was super excited about the EMODA’s 福袋 omg. Luckily it was not sold out so I quickly grabbed one. Was really surprised at how heavy it was. I knew the bag was big when I saw the online picture but seeing it in real life is like woah.


I think I’m a terrible clothes photographer. -.- The crop top material is quite special and shimmery in real life (with a nice pattern too…) and the necklace is really nice. Just trust me ok? (sweater unpictured as it’s in the wash lol)

and THE coat. The coat. My favorite coat. I swear the coat is like one of the warmest I have and I never wear my own coats after I got it hahahaha. Amber says I’m biased but really it’s super warm and comfy and nice and pretty and awesome. I stopped complaining about the cold after Day 1. 😀 😀 😀 😀



See the size difference? 😛


Amber finding coins for Gachapon

Okay photos lie. (I lied too)

I’m the one that went crazy over these machines hahahaha. Amber has zero liking for them. I’m an otaku at heart and i love love anime 😛 My aim for the trip was to get stuff from Kuroko no Basuke and Psycho Pass. (In 2013, I searched high and low for LINE merchandise lol)

So basically I dragged Amber to look at every gachapon machine we passed by.


hehe scored a Midorimacchi keychain 😛 My bagpack got more and more crowded each day lolol.


First dinner was takeaway and discounted sushi from Isetan! 😀

For those who are curious, we stayed at Hotel Kinki in Umeda. It’s not kinky (sorry cannot resist the pun) and it’s really affordable and great! There is staff 24hrs, it’s near a convenience store (2 in fact), very convenient and easy to get to from the airport limousine station. It’s a short and easy walk (no slope and only 2 tiny steps and the rest is flat ground) and the staff is very friendly too.

Towels, shampoo, conditioner, body wash are provided and you can ask them to clean the room (and provide new towels) everyday. We asked for the cleaning once every 2 days or so. There’s a laundry room (coin operated if I remember correctly and detergent can be bought at the front desk), with iron, dryer etc. Water cooler is also provided.

One thing though, the conditioner is weird so bring your own one! hahaha. Also, the heater can be a little cranky at times so the room may be a little cold at night. I really like that hotel a lot (stayed there in 2013). 😀 So if you are looking for accommodations, you can consider that! Umeda is also the hip shopping district and seriously our hotel is really situated in a very very good location haha (especially so when you take into consideration the price).

Highly recommended!!

yay okay I finished blogging about Day 1! If you like the post, feel free to comment (and motivate me to write the next one..) 😛 Hope 2015 has been awesome so far!

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    16 January, 2015 at 3:20 PM

    Hi Shanna! I’ve been checking your blog daily to see if you’re back yet ’cause I knew you would write a post about it. Now I feel like going to Japan too!!! Looking forward to the next post and pls don’t keep us hanging (too long) 🙂

    • Reply
      24 January, 2015 at 8:50 AM

      hehe thanks Crystal!! 😀

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    23 January, 2015 at 3:41 PM

    wow! do they always have the fukubukuro thingy? i should go check them out too… tempted to go again this year haha

    • Reply
      24 January, 2015 at 8:49 AM

      it’s a new year thing 😛 hahaha go again!! Osaka? Or somewhere else?

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