2 In Korean learning journey (:

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I wonder how I can continue to study Korean while juggling with my would-be-busy uni life. Apart from the fact that i am taking a double degree (which increases my workload, lessons time), I would still need to spare some time for CCAs, MYlife etc. Currently Learning Korean is the main objective in my life, and most of the time I am just in front of my desk. (okay this week i am more slack) 😀

But the fact remains that my priorties got to change when school starts. I envy people who can major in Korean Studies, Singapore does not offer that course. ): And learning a new language is really fun, everyday you pick up some more vocab/grammer and you realise that you are beginning to understand more and more. Being able to pick up a few more lines while watching Korean Dramas, and hey! understanding more lyrics of your favourite Kpop songs.

That’s my main drive and motivation (: Sure, there are times when everything seems so tiring. but somehow I will continue to strive on doggedly. and hopefully one day, become a native speaker.

And actually, I was quite surprised at my own determination and interest in the language. 2 years ago and I would have told everybody that I wanted to learn Spanish and Korean was definitely out of my radar. NO interest in Korean Drama whatsoever and please, i dun even know who is Dong bang shin ki, shinhwa and se7en??? who’s that. hahaha

A few years ago, that was the time when Korean Craze was strongest in Singapore I guess. Where everybody scrambles to pick up a few Korean phrases and I was like ‘okay.. i don’t know what’s the hype about.’ and 2 years later! here I am blogging on my interest in Korean haha.

ohya and 2 years ago, I have NEVER in my life eaten any Korean food. I preferred western or japanese food. What’s 비빔밥? 삼계당, 볶음밥, 자짱면,냉면,갈비 all unheard of. haha I guessed i only knew KimChi back then.

and now,비빔밥 is my favourite food 😀

I guessed I changed quite alot for the past 2 years. (: 

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    23 January, 2011 at 1:29 AM

    wow! we are actually very similar.
    I used to ignore Korean dramas and anything Korean before. I also can’t understand all the hype about Korean dramas then.
    But look at me now. Addicted to Korean drama (and Kim Sun Ah), listening to Korean songs, watching Korean movies, eating and cooking Korean food, learning the language.

    I’m currently in the same situation like yours (when you wrote this entry 3 years ago). I’m studying in a university too. And it’s very difficult because there are a lot of school works you need to prioritize over Korean lessons (and Korean dramas). Good this is Korean is part of my curriculum, so I have an excuse to study Korean. However it seems like I’m giving my Korean classes too much time (compared to my other classes hehe). But it pains me not to be able to study more outside my classes. I want to learn some more.
    I also envy others who can major in Korean. Our university only offers 4 Korean classes and I’m on the 4th class now. Next semester I would have to study Japanese (not that i don’t want to, but i wish I can be more fluent in Korean first. but i have no other choice, i’m envious that there are higher Japanese classes in our uni.).
    I agree! It feels so great when you start understanding bits and pieces from songs/dramas.

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      23 January, 2011 at 10:21 AM

      Hi Alodia!

      thank to your comment, i actually re-read this entry xD most universities offer higher level classes for japanese but not korean and i really hope that there will some changes in the future! hehe even till now, i sometimes spend more time on korean when i totally should be studying for some other exams!

      i can’t take the korean classes at my uni so i’m studying jap! my interest in jap is nowhere near korean but i still enjoy the classes and learning how similar/different the 2 languages are.

      it’s nice to meet someone else who has the same interest and thinking as me! 😀

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